Shrek 2

Movie Madness: Week Four

Shrek 2 (Netflix 2004)

One of these films was going to be covered, it was inevitable. Shrek 2 is a movie everyone is well acquainted with. Released in 2004 by Dreamworks, Shrek 2 was a film most college students grew up with. Riddled with pop culture and music, Shrek 2 stands out as one of the most successful and meaningful sequels in animation. The story builds off and perfectly continues the lesson of self-worth and belonging. The most amazing thing I think Shrek 2 did was perfectly incorporate and give time to new characters. The balance of character development and exposure made the new cast joining seem all the more important to the plot. The 3D animation holds up and stays consistent with its earlier predecessor from 2001. The animation, while less stylistic to media previously covered, is still fun and exciting to watch from the expressive voice cast and well-paced story. If you haven’t seen Shrek 2 but enjoy quick humor and spoof fairytales this is a great movie to watch.

Final Thoughts

Who is the best character in Shrek 2?


Fiona’s dad was my favorite character. Almost every line he said was hilarious and convincing, due to how good the voice actor was. Also, he’s a frog.


The best character in Shrek 2 is Puss in Boots, there is no reason or logic for why, it simply just is.



Fairy godmother, she is one of the most iconic villains in animation. She could sing, run a potion business, and be super evil. 10/10 character.

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  1. I love this Movie so much, I think the best character is puss in boots as well! my favorite science is when they get arrested by the knights and they find cat nip on puss and he says “uh thats not mine lol”

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