Taken By: Aidan Roesler


Car Shows in Wisconsin can be both thrilling and exciting. Making people of all ages feel like kids again. Throughout the state there are more car clubs and shows than I can even count. Proving that there truly is a love for cars around Wisconsin. Some of the more impressive and larger shows that take place every year are as follows, Car and Coffee, Chrome and Caffeine, Cars and Cook outs, and the annual Kenosha car show. Along with these there are many many more clubs that circulate around many themes. Some of these include, classics cars, JDM cars, muscle cars, tuner cars, super cars, and custom cars. No matter what type of cars or trucks you may be into I can almost guarantee there will be a car club somewhere covering it. Besides the actual cars at these shows the people are just as important and interesting. Going to these shows in not just a great time to look and cars and get some cool pictures.  Its also one to do some networking, getting to know some of the owners of these cars can prove to be beneficial in terms of a long relationship. There is nothing better than finding like minded people to yourself, doing so within the world of cars is a great way to pursue ones love for cars and automobiles. below I will list of some of the most common car shows within Wisconsin, including both location and date of the events.

1. Chrome and Caffeine: May 25th in Kenosha, WI.

2. Cookouts and Classic Cars: June 7th in Pewaukee, WI.

3. Cars and Coffee: May 5th in Lake Mills, WI.

4. Spring Green Car Show: August 17th in Spring Green, WI.