Feb 6

My Janesville Experience

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My feelings

Gun Shy

Lesson 1- Avoid Janesville

Unfortunately Janesville isn’t the only place that feels this way, There are people who still have this mindset. I’m of the belief that things will never change, but as hard as it is to admit I have to have hope for the future because of my future children.

Lesson 2- Be Aware

Since I arrived in Janesville there was all eyes on me ,especially considering that I was the only person there with a different skin tone. This type of behavior can happen anywhere

Lesson 3 – Just stay home

It’s upsetting that my weekend had to be ruined by something like this but things like this has happened for years. Pick a place that you are familiar with , Milwaukee is that place for me.

Lesson 4 – Stay Calm

As much as you want to Retaliate in this situation, you have to stay calm. The best thing to do is to leave the situation.

Lesson 5- Don’t make assumptions

Everyone isn’t the same and that’s something that we are going to have to understand a country, Which is something I still battle with everyday. Don’t let things that some people say or Do separate you , but also Stay Woke.




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Dec 8

Scott Pelley Response

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Scott Pelley accepted the Fred friendly First Amendment Award, I have always been a fan of his because he seemed like he knows the in’s and Out’s of the Journalism industry. He’s been covering the News for CBS for years , and he gave some great advice in this video while he was accepting his award.

I would agree with some of the things he said about Journalism, because they are true and everyone isn’t going to tell you the truth like he told us. As Journalist we have to be all we can be, and give it our all; Pelley encourages us to do that in this video.

Scott Pelley is definitely a classy guy, but I would agree with his premise that Journalism isn’t how it use to be, i think it was quite clever that he used the phrase “Our house is on Fire.” I think he is calling Journalist to do a lot better about reporting, and i think he is right when he says that Facebook,Twitter, and Redic isn’t Journalism, because it isn’t. it is gossip. I really liked this video and it definitely motivates me.


Nov 30

Teen Shot in Chicago

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Chi Town


This is a story about Laquan McDonald, the teen who was shot and killed in Chicago by a police officer. The most risky thing that a newsroom in Chicago can do is air the shooting of this teen. On this website and on television this footage was shown, but is it the right thing to do. Apparently they thought it was the right thing to do, this article also goes on to talk about how the newsroom showed some of the footage from the video. The article also went on to say that the newsroom warned the viewers before they showed the video, but is that enough?

I don’t think it is ethical to show this video repeated on TV, especially where the murder took place. It’s very sad that things like this are still happening after some many other cases of police officers killing unarmed people, you would think that this would stop happening. Newsrooms should be able to show things like this on TV, but on their website that is different; putting the video on the website makes more sense. Newsrooms do things like this to get more ratings, but I don’t think that’s the case with this news station. They should be more sensitive to their viewers and the victim’s family.

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Nov 24

AMP’s For Google

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The story for this week is about Google improving their speed for mobile sites speed. A lot of websites are very slow on a mobile phone especially when the phone has no wifi. This article talked about the new program to speed up mobile sites called “Accelerate Mobile Pages”. AMP is a proposed web standard that imposes constraints on the bulkier elements of Web design to ensure that pages load quickly. The article also went on to say how the AMP has become very useful since it was unviled on October 7th, but the bad part is some people might not agree with this new program. developers may say that the proposed standard makes the Web less open, but that remains to be seen.

I think this article is pretty interesting because I was wondering when someone was going to come up with a program like this that would help the mobile sites. I think that this is a great idea for Google to do something like and I think it would benefit others and it would benefit google for coming up with something like the AMP. I think the mobile phones really needed this one, I really hope that other websites decide to use this program.

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Nov 18

Rally for Journalist

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While looking through feedly I found a story that was very interesting. This is a story about a group of journalist in Philadelphia who rallied to help laid off workers get hired. The story goes on to tell how this story came about; workers were laid off, the Philadelphia Media Network laid off a lot of their workers.

Layoffs really suck, but this story shows you that journalist does have to stick together when it comes to certain situations. Being a journalist is full of competition, and it is very difficult trying to get where you want to in your career. For these journalist to rally to help other journalist get a job is pretty cool to me, it shows that although this is a competition; some journalist actually care about rather their coworkers have a job.

This was a nice story because you don’t really hear about things like this happen anywhere else, I feel like this is good for the journalism industry and it makes for a great story. I wish that something like this would happen more often, but everyone isn’t built like these journalists were.

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Nov 9

The Good old days of Journalism

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I found a story in feedly that was very interesting; it’s about journalism being cool. Jim Romenesko wrote an article how fun it was being a journalist; this is a nice article to read. He talks about all the things you could do back than when you were a journalist, I don’t really know if he is saying that journalism just isn’t fun anymore or what.

I think some of the things that he was saying in this article were small things like he got to smoke in the buildings and how he was around a bunch of smart people. I feel like you are around a bunch of smart people in today society, there’s not much that has changed with being a journalist; there is only one thing that has changed.

I would say that one thing that has changed about Journalism, and that one thing is it is a little bit difficult to get the job that you actually want in journalism. I want to be a sports analysis, and while there may be a lot of jobs as a journalist there aren’t enough.

While this article isn’t as flashy it definitely makes me want to know how it was back then as a journalist . This article is a good one; the article gave us a nice in depth look at what it was like to be a journalist in the “old days”.


Nov 9

My Favorite Vacation Spots

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Nov 3

Abandoning Digital Publishing

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While going through the feedly website, I Found a story that definitely relates to last week’s lesson. The article is about rather or not the newspaper should abandon digital, the article is kind of leaning toward abandoning it.

The article makes a lot of valid points as to why the newspaper should abandon digital, but the one that stands out the most is, the newspaper just is good with digital publishing. Although I can see why the newspaper hasn’t abandon digital.

Digital has taken over and it would be difficult for the newspapers to just focus on print Journalism, because a lot of people are more into digital now. The reason why I say that this article can be related to last week’s lesson because of the discussion we had about Paywalls.  We looked at print journalism and online journalism, the reason why a lot of online websites are successful is because of paywalls, but its also because of the number of users for that website.

If you ask a lot of the staff that are working for a Newspaper company, they will probably tell you that the newspaper business isn’t as well right now, the main reason why is because of Digital publishing. I don’t think that Newspapers should abandon Digital, because that is probably all we are going to have in the future.

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Oct 26

The Louisville Scandel

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When going through some of the stories in feedly, I ran across an article that was pretty interesting. We all have heard about the Louisville sex scandal.

If you haven’t a graduate assistant hired an escorting business to lure recruits in to their school, they would pay the escorts to have sex with the players to get them to come to the school.

Although the graduate assistant was the one behind all of this, you have to question rather the coach Rick Pitino had any knowledge of what was going. Of course he denied knowing anything about it, but what makes this story even more interesting is that Pitino has decided not to attend the ACC media day.

He is trying to avoid answering questions about the sex scandal in Louisville, but my question is Should Rick Pitino avoid the media? You’re going to get questions like this a lot now, because you are the coach of the team. Unless he did have any knowledge of what happen, it’s not for any of us to say; but I think Pitino should go to media for his team and avoid those questions.

Anytime you get in front of the media, the question is going to come up anyway. I also feel like if he did know anything, then he has messed up his legacy by lying to the media. He shouldn’t avoid media day.

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Oct 21

Storify Story

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