Oct 26

The Louisville Scandel

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When going through some of the stories in feedly, I ran across an article that was pretty interesting. We all have heard about the Louisville sex scandal.

If you haven’t a graduate assistant hired an escorting business to lure recruits in to their school, they would pay the escorts to have sex with the players to get them to come to the school.

Although the graduate assistant was the one behind all of this, you have to question rather the coach Rick Pitino had any knowledge of what was going. Of course he denied knowing anything about it, but what makes this story even more interesting is that Pitino has decided not to attend the ACC media day.

He is trying to avoid answering questions about the sex scandal in Louisville, but my question is Should Rick Pitino avoid the media? You’re going to get questions like this a lot now, because you are the coach of the team. Unless he did have any knowledge of what happen, it’s not for any of us to say; but I think Pitino should go to media for his team and avoid those questions.

Anytime you get in front of the media, the question is going to come up anyway. I also feel like if he did know anything, then he has messed up his legacy by lying to the media. He shouldn’t avoid media day.

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