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Are Journalist Safe

September 23rd, 2015 | Category: About Me


One thing that we should all ask ourselves no matter if we are working a live shots ;Are Journalist safe? While searching through feedly I found a story about rather Journalist are safe during live shots,  Recently two reporters were killed while making a live, i feel like we need to start questioning rather or not journalism is safe when you are reporting.

I think as a journalist you should have some kind of protection so that things like this could be prevented. Journalist are out to do their jobs and shouldn’t have to worry about their surroundings all the time.

It’s sad that these journalist got killed while working. its time to protect the journalist that are working and doing something that they love to do. right now i don’t think that journalist are safe during live shots, and this is one of many incidents that proves it.


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Donald Trump is Mike Ditka

September 16th, 2015 | Category: About Me

rt_donald_trump_mm_150616_16x9_992         mikeD

While going through my feedly I came across a lot of articles, but now was as important as “Trump’s dumbest idea yet.” Making the Comparison to Mike Ditka and Donald Trump was genesis on the writers’ part in this article.

There were a lot of direct quotes from Donald Trump toward Mike Ditka Including Trump going on and on about how he would love to have Mike Ditka Involved in his campaign; because he knows how to win.

I feel like this is a great article comparing the two, Trump is hard-nosed and pretty much says whatever is on his mind. I believe that’s why a lot of people aren’t too sure about voting for Donald Trump in this election.

The Journalist are saying that it is dumb to compare the two, but if you look back at how Mike Ditka was as a coach and how Donald Trump is in this campaign its very accurate to me. One thing that the writer pointed out that I would agree is that Donald Trump says and does converse things; the writer mentions Trump’s rant about immigrations.

This article is relevant because Donald Trump is a well-known candidate that tends to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Although he’s a little unhinged based off of some of his comments and quotes that he makes, it makes for good headlines.

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Three Favorite Blogs

September 10th, 2015 | Category: About Me



Bucks    aaron1


Bleacher Report:

This blog is probably most known for being the primary source for recent up to date news about sports outside of ESPN. One of the greatest strengths of this website is being up to date with their news, the information is very accurate. Strength is it appeals to the big sports fans, a lot of sports fans look to Bleacher Report before looking on ESPN for recent news. When Bleacher Report was created it was looked at as just another blog, but it played to the one of its biggest strength; Appealing to the big sports fans helped gain this blog a lot of success. The Audience has grown because there are a lot of sports fans; one thing that separates this blog from any other blog is it updates news for every sport.



If you love wrestling than you know a lot about this website, this blog covers all the major wrestling company, but more importantly the WWE. We live in a generation where wrestling fans want to know everything that happens behind the scenes, One of the greatest strengths of this blog is they inform the fans of what is going to happen on a wrestling show before the show comes on TV. They have played to this strength for many years that the wrestling fans depend on this website to give them the behind the scene news. The audience has grown a lot for this blog based off how the website reports the news of every wrestling or major wrestling companies, but sadly Wrestling isn’t as popular as it was in the 80’s and late 90’s .



If you’re from Wisconsin and you’re a Milwaukee Bucks fan than this is the blog for you. Brew Hoop is a blog that is dedicated to the Milwaukee Bucks recent news or a list of the Bucks upcoming schedule this year. One of the greatest strength of this blog is it updates the Milwaukee Bucks latest rumors or news, another strength is it predicts what the Milwaukee bucks season is going to be like. Most of the articles tell how the team can get better, they play to their strength because the Bucks are an upcoming team; and they know fans are going to want to see how the team is becoming so successful. The more successful the Milwaukee Bucks become the more the audience is going to grow, and we are starting to see that every day.