Nov 9

The Good old days of Journalism

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I found a story in feedly that was very interesting; it’s about journalism being cool. Jim Romenesko wrote an article how fun it was being a journalist; this is a nice article to read. He talks about all the things you could do back than when you were a journalist, I don’t really know if he is saying that journalism just isn’t fun anymore or what.

I think some of the things that he was saying in this article were small things like he got to smoke in the buildings and how he was around a bunch of smart people. I feel like you are around a bunch of smart people in today society, there’s not much that has changed with being a journalist; there is only one thing that has changed.

I would say that one thing that has changed about Journalism, and that one thing is it is a little bit difficult to get the job that you actually want in journalism. I want to be a sports analysis, and while there may be a lot of jobs as a journalist there aren’t enough.

While this article isn’t as flashy it definitely makes me want to know how it was back then as a journalist . This article is a good one; the article gave us a nice in depth look at what it was like to be a journalist in the “old days”.


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  1. Jessica November 9th, 2015 11:57 pm

    I wanted to read what you said about the article because we did the same one. I like the perspective that you took on this. I agree that going back in time and seeing what journalism used to be like would be cool to witness. Journalism used to be so special, and I feel that it has lost that special touch in todays world. I think that Journalism has changed, but it had to change with the time.

  2. Kyle Geissler November 10th, 2015 2:04 am

    One of the cool things about journalism, related to being with smart people, is being close to important people. I’ve gotten to chat with people who were or have become powerful. It’s interesting to be closer to those people than most people get to be.

  3. Marisa LaBello November 11th, 2015 7:08 pm


    I enjoyed reading this article. We all know the world of Journalism has changed, but it was interesting to read it in someone else’s perspective. I love how passionate he was about his work, and it seems like he really valued that what he did was on paper being read by so many people. That’s a big difference today, in my opinion. Being “cool” for being a journalist seems to have changed because we aren’t the ones who hide information now (only sometimes). The power of technology has taken that away.

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