Nov 24

AMP’s For Google

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The story for this week is about Google improving their speed for mobile sites speed. A lot of websites are very slow on a mobile phone especially when the phone has no wifi. This article talked about the new program to speed up mobile sites called “Accelerate Mobile Pages”. AMP is a proposed web standard that imposes constraints on the bulkier elements of Web design to ensure that pages load quickly. The article also went on to say how the AMP has become very useful since it was unviled on October 7th, but the bad part is some people might not agree with this new program. developers may say that the proposed standard makes the Web less open, but that remains to be seen.

I think this article is pretty interesting because I was wondering when someone was going to come up with a program like this that would help the mobile sites. I think that this is a great idea for Google to do something like and I think it would benefit others and it would benefit google for coming up with something like the AMP. I think the mobile phones really needed this one, I really hope that other websites decide to use this program.

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  1. Kyle Geissler November 25th, 2015 1:40 am

    While great for users, how will the affect publishers? They’ll have to program for yet another platform. This platform will give them less flexibility in design from their current standards, and it’s not clear how advertising will fit into this model. I think it’s exciting, but I still have a lot of questions.

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