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My Janesville Experience

February 06th, 2018 | Category: About Me

My feelings

Gun Shy

Lesson 1- Avoid Janesville

Unfortunately Janesville isn’t the only place that feels this way, There are people who still have this mindset. I’m of the belief that things will never change, but as hard as it is to admit I have to have hope for the future because of my future children.

Lesson 2- Be Aware

Since I arrived in Janesville there was all eyes on me ,especially considering that I was the only person there with a different skin tone. This type of behavior can happen anywhere

Lesson 3 – Just stay home

It’s upsetting that my weekend had to be ruined by something like this but things like this has happened for years. Pick a place that you are familiar with , Milwaukee is that place for me.

Lesson 4 – Stay Calm

As much as you want to Retaliate in this situation, you have to stay calm. The best thing to do is to leave the situation.

Lesson 5- Don’t make assumptions

Everyone isn’t the same and that’s something that we are going to have to understand a country, Which is something I still battle with everyday. Don’t let things that some people say or Do separate you , but also Stay Woke.




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