Dec 8

Scott Pelley Response

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Scott Pelley accepted the Fred friendly First Amendment Award, I have always been a fan of his because he seemed like he knows the in’s and Out’s of the Journalism industry. He’s been covering the News for CBS for years , and he gave some great advice in this video while he was accepting his award.

I would agree with some of the things he said about Journalism, because they are true and everyone isn’t going to tell you the truth like he told us. As Journalist we have to be all we can be, and give it our all; Pelley encourages us to do that in this video.

Scott Pelley is definitely a classy guy, but I would agree with his premise that Journalism isn’t how it use to be, i think it was quite clever that he used the phrase “Our house is on Fire.” I think he is calling Journalist to do a lot better about reporting, and i think he is right when he says that Facebook,Twitter, and Redic isn’t Journalism, because it isn’t. it is gossip. I really liked this video and it definitely motivates me.


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  1. Shakeva Oliver December 9th, 2015 2:37 am

    I really liked his speech. He is a great motivator. I definitely agree that social media isn’t journalism. There’s definitely a difference between relying on social media for news and using social media to spread news.

  2. Ashley Mccallum December 10th, 2015 5:17 am

    I think it is interesting how you mentioned that he seem to know the ins and outs of journalism. Although I know next to nothing about Scott Pelley’s life, I understand that feeling of reliability you have of him. I have watched CBS News many times and have always thought he was an excellent anchor and usually preferred him to Brian Williams, even before his controversial news was revealed.

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