Nov 18

Rally for Journalist

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While looking through feedly I found a story that was very interesting. This is a story about a group of journalist in Philadelphia who rallied to help laid off workers get hired. The story goes on to tell how this story came about; workers were laid off, the Philadelphia Media Network laid off a lot of their workers.

Layoffs really suck, but this story shows you that journalist does have to stick together when it comes to certain situations. Being a journalist is full of competition, and it is very difficult trying to get where you want to in your career. For these journalist to rally to help other journalist get a job is pretty cool to me, it shows that although this is a competition; some journalist actually care about rather their coworkers have a job.

This was a nice story because you don’t really hear about things like this happen anywhere else, I feel like this is good for the journalism industry and it makes for a great story. I wish that something like this would happen more often, but everyone isn’t built like these journalists were.

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  1. Ashley Mccallum November 18th, 2015 10:44 pm

    This is really touching. It is nice to hear about good people in the world, especially journalists who often get a horrible reputation. News outlets that are losing jobs should consider implementing programs to train journalists for jobs online and look into how they can expand online to make money and keep jobs.

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