The Year of AI: A Review

The Learning Technology Center (LTC) is committed to providing reliable, accurate information about generative AI as it develops. The last year has a been whirlwind of change, with many advancements in technological scope, bringing nuanced challenges to the front of higher education.

Created using DALLE-3, image generation has greatly improved over the last year.

Summaries of Key Events

The LTC ran a multitude of generative AI workshops, both in the fall and spring semesters, with a focus on supporting faculty, instructors, and staff on their AI journey. Please note that the listed sessions, while interrelated, are not serial; feel free to view them in any order as they suit your needs!

Other Resources:

Key Takeaways

  • The realm of generative AI continues to be rapidly changing; models are continuously updated with improvements in features, responses, and scope. AI companies are incentivized to make these updates in a rush to monetize. Be wary of services, both free and paid, and check with ITS and the LTC for supported technology and best practices.
  • UW System is exploring the legal challenges with potential enterprise solutions, such as Microsoft Copilot, so that University data and users remain protected and secure. The LTC will provide updates as they become available. 
  • AI remains an evolving legal landscape, with AI companies not required to share training data or methods. Hence, responsible use is up to the user; continue being cautious in what personal, identifying, or sensitive information is shared with AI, particularly concerning students’ work and information.
  • AI literacy remains a crucial goal; the LTC is committed to providing the entire campus with the support needed to make decisions about the appropriate use of AI for each individual case.

Looking Ahead

The discussion around AI, particularly its use in the classroom and the resulting ethical implications, remains nuanced and complex, and the LTC pledges to continue to carefully monitor updates and changes, whilst maintaining a framework of best practices. 

Anticipated Future Programming for 2024-2025

As always, the LTC welcomes questions, comments, or suggestions about AI or other learning technology; please reach out to us at!