Incorporating AI into Assessments Workshop Summary

Javaid et al., 2023 – Unlocking the opportunities through ChatGPT Tool towards ameliorating the education system.

The LTC would like to thank all the attendees of our Incorporating AI in Assessments workshops! In case you were unable to attend our sessions, we have provided a summary below:

Key Takeaways:

  1. Utilizing AI in building assessments can save time and effort, allowing instructors to focus on other aspects of teaching and learning.
  2. Use AI to generate a wide range of responses based on different prompts and criteria, allowing instructors to test potential responses or create more varied and engaging assessments that can be tailored to the needs of individual students.
  3. AI can identify patterns, themes, and other characteristics in students’ writing that can provide insights into their writing style, language proficiency, and overall academic performance.
  4. Instructors can customize assignments through AI by including learning objectives, creating a rubric, providing resources, and reviewing and revising the assignment.
  5. Harness the creativity of AI – try it for discussion topics, essay topics, and quiz prompts that are personalized to students’ interests and backgrounds.

Supplemental Resources

  1. Presentation Slide Deck
  2. Workshop Recording
  3. Prompt Examples
  4. AI For Education – Prompt Library 

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