Use Cases and Opportunities for AI Workshop Summary

On behalf of the LTC, thank you to all the participants of our Use Cases and Opportunities for AI! If you were unable to attend the session, a summary is below:

Key Takeaways:

  1. Generative AI has numerous applications across higher education; a small excerpt of examples includes summarizing texts, creating study guides, providing personalized tutoring, and generating student feedback. 
  2. Prompts are but a starting point. Be as specific as possible in your query and customize it as needed to suit your objective. Modify and iterate! 
  3. Optimal utilization of generative AI involves hands-on exploration. Given the highly individualized nature of job requirements and responsibilities, you are in the best position to discern how AI can be effectively harnessed for your specific role.

Supplemental Resources:

  1. Presentation Slide Deck
  2. Workshop Recording
  3. AI for Education – Prompt Library
  4. Ethan Mollick on Encoding Human Expertise 

Save the Date! The LTC is hosting “Navigating AI: Panel Discussion on Implications for Higher Education” on November 15th at 3pm – more information available here.