Planning for Flexibility: Designing Student Small Group Activities (7/7/20)

On Tuesday, July 7th, the Learning Technology Center closes out the first set of workshops, on planning for flexibility, in the Summer Flexible Blended Faculty Development Workshop Series. The last topic in this first grouping of workshops focuses on small group activities that could be applicable in low enrollment physical classrooms and/or situations where students do group work online. The summary for the session is below:

This session discusses ways that you can make in-class and online student group work more organized and central to your course. Particular focus will be on devising meaningful collaborative group opportunities that take place face-to-face, online, and in mixed modality. Facilitators will overview different approaches to utilize, and manage, smaller groups of students (e.g., approx 5-10). Participants will work through current learning activities and assessments, and identify opportunities to incorporate small groups.

If you are interested in this topic, please register so that you can receive the Webex Meeting link for the session, and to receive access to the workshop series Canvas course site (if you have not previously registered for a session in this workshop series). You will need to login using your UWW credentials in order to register.

If you have any questions about this session, or the summer workshop series in general, please contact us at

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