Planning for Flexibility: Using Technology for Learning in the Physical and Online Classroom (6/30/20)

The Learning Technology Center’s Summer Flexible Blended Faculty Development Workshop Series continues on Tuesday, June 30th with a session focused on technologies that can be used whether students attend a class session face-to-face or online. The summary for this session is below:

This session introduces small ways that you can start encouraging meaningful technology use in the physical or online classroom, using technology that students already have. We will discuss reasons that “technology bans” may be detrimental to student success, particularly during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, and talk about small ways to start leveraging student personal technology in the classroom. Facilitators will overview benefits in leveraging students’ personal technology in the classroom. Participants will explore different classroom technology uses, and identify one learning activity that could benefit from student personal technology use. Some of these technologies could allow students to participate in the face-to-face class remotely if they need that option for safety.

If you are interested in this topic, please register for this session so that you receive access to the synchronous session on Tuesday, as well as the asynchronous Canvas course for the workshop series. You will need to login with your UWW credentials to register.

If you have any questions about this session, or the Flexible Blended Faculty Development Workshop Series in general, please contact us at

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