“Humanizing Your Courses” Workshop Series Spring 2020

You’re invited to attend this the continuation of the “Humanizing Your Courses” LEARN Center / LTC Workshop Series.  The first session this Spring on “Developing Affective Learning” is February 13 in the UC.  Lunch is provided!  Sign up here.

Humanizing Your Courses

Learning Domains workshop February 13

Inspired by the thinking of Michelle Pacansky-Brock, the “Humanizing Your Courses” series will explore ways to create human-centered learning experiences. Humanized learning leverages the potential of digital technologies to connect with students, foster relationships, and build community. Throughout Spring 2020, we will explore the main topics of Learning Domains, Accessibility, and Communities of Inquiry.

Upcoming sessions: times and locations to be determined
March 9th: Universal Design: Reaching our Diverse Learners
March 16th: Using campus technology for Universal Design
April 21st: Communities of Inquiry – Going beyond information conveyance to collaborative exploration