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    Bunny Poops: A Dirty but Serious Business

    Hello everyone! This week we’re covering a topic that isn’t as cute as fun as some of the others, but I feel that as future, or current, bunny owners, we should all know the importance of this issue. As previously mentioned, bunnies do not always show that they are pain. Your rabbit can be feeling pretty bad and never act any different than they usually do so it’s always important for bunny owners to keep an eye out for any signs that they do show. For example, their poops! A rabbit’s digestive system is incredibly delicate and can show an owner how the current level of health their bunny is…

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    A Bunny’s Diet: The Delicate Balance.

    Hello everyone! Last week, we discussed some of the major health issues to look out for in your house bunny. This week, we’re shifting over to another topic that is just as critical to your bunny’s health: their diet! Rabbit’s are not carnivorous, so their diet does not require any meat of any kind. In fact, feeding your rabbit meat can actually negatively affect their health, so even if a rabbit looks interesting in the food you are eating, please do not give your fur-baby any human or meat related food!! As discussed in the last post, a bunny’s digestive system is incredibly delicate and requires a very specific and…

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    Rabbit Health Risks: What to Look Out For

    Hello everybody! Welcome back to this week’s blog post. Last week we covered the differences between adopting a house bunny or buying one from a breeder or pet store and which option was right for you. This week, I would like to introduce you to the world of bunny health! Now, just like anything that concerns a house bunny, they are slightly different than a cat or dog when it comes to their health. Rabbits do have different, more specific, needs than a cat or dog and with that comes some different things to look out for. Of course, there a diseases like cancer, arthritis, health and liver problems, obesity,…