About the Blog

Welcome to the House Bunny Central Blog Everyone!

My name is Danielle and I created the House Bunny Central Blog in order to educate current and future domesticated rabbit owners on how to properly care for their furry babies!

Domesticated rabbits are amazing animals and make great pets, however they have different needs than a cat or dog, and it’s extremely important for rabbit owners to know the difference. My hope is for this blog to be an information zone for anyone curious on learning more about domesticated rabbits, as well as a safe place for people to communicate with one another and ask questions about their house bunnies.

Remember, a great bunny owner is an informed one!


About the Author and Her House Bunnies

I am currently the proud momma of two little bunnies, Prince Ali (three years old) and Millie (two years old). They’re definitely a handful at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Millie is the more out-going of the two and loves to explore and beg for treats. Her older brother, Prince Ali, prefers to spend his time relaxing by the hay pile and giving everyone in the house judgmental looks. The two make quite the pair!

Millie, 2 years old.

Bunny Breed: English Spot.

Favorite Food: Apple

Favorite Hobby: Eating

Prince Ali, 3 years old.

Bunny Breed: Havana.

Favorite Food: Bananas.

Favorite Hobby: Also Eating.

Prince Ali and Millie enjoying some cuddling after dinner.