Bunny Poops: A Dirty but Serious Business

Hello everyone!

This week we’re covering a topic that isn’t as cute as fun as some of the others, but I feel that as future, or current, bunny owners, we should all know the importance of this issue.

As previously mentioned, bunnies do not always show that they are pain. Your rabbit can be feeling pretty bad and never act any different than they usually do so it’s always important for bunny owners to keep an eye out for any signs that they do show. For example, their poops!

A rabbit’s digestive system is incredibly delicate and can show an owner how the current level of health their bunny is in. Rabbit’s usually have very consistent poops, so if something looks off, that might be a sign that your rabbit is in pain or sick. Because of this, getting comfortable with checking your rabbit’s poops is a great way for an owner to remain informed and stay vigilant.

Although it might sound kind of gross, this is just another way to make sure our babies stay happy and healthy, so a fur-parent has to do what a fur-parent has to do, right?

Most rabbits are easy to potty train and having a litter box for them is a great way to keep track of what their poops look like and how much they poop.

Here are some simple things to keep an eye out when looking at your bunny’s poop:

  1. Rabbits are constantly eating, so they should be passing a lot of waste. This means that if there isn’t a lot of poop in their litter box each day, there’s something wrong.
  2. Rabbit poop should also be pretty consistent. They are usually shaped like little balls, solid, and have a brownish color to them. If for some reason this all changes, there could be an issue with their health or diet.
  3. Any diarrhea is a sign that your rabbit is very sick and you should schedule a visit with your vet ASAP!

Again, talking about a topic like poop isn’t exactly the nicest thing to do, but it is extremely important for the health of your bunnies, so please keep a good eye on what is going on inside of that litter box. It can give you an early alert to any issues that may start to come up with you fur-baby.

Remember, a great bunny owner is an informed one!

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  • Hannah Broome

    while poop is stinky business, it’s so important to monitor. Thanks for another informative post.

  • Alijah Peper

    It was interesting to learn how you can gage the health of your bunnies based off of their waist. Great post as allways!

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