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All Different, All Cute!: 5 Popular Bunny Breeds

Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago, we tried to answer the question: is a house bunny a great choice for you and your family?

This week, we are going a little further and answering the question: which bunny breed is the right choice for you?

Just like any animal with a variety of breeds, all bunny breeds are different in health, behavior, looks and needs. Some bunnies might not be the right fit for you depending on your current lifestyle, while other buns would fit right in. The key is to do your research and make sure you understand what breeds you are and are not capable of caring for.

To make things a little easier for you all, below I’m including the top 5 most popular bunny breeds currently being adopted in the US today.

  1. The English Spot: Now, this breed of bunny holds especially dear to my heart since my own fur-baby, Millie, is an English Spot. English Spots have a long history of being show-rabbits, so they are pretty okay with being handled and pet (as far as a prey animal goes). They are super energetic though, so if you are wanting this breed please be prepared to have them out of their pens for at least 2 hours each day to run around. Also, make sure to have some toys around so they don’t get too bored. From my own experience, a bored English Spot can be a troublemaker.
  2. The English Lop: English Lops are usually known for their large, droopy ears, however Lops are pretty mellow and are sometimes referred to as the “Dog of the Rabbit World.” This rabbit breed is pretty comfortable around smaller children, as long as they are gentle in handling the bun. However, due to their large ears, they do require constant cleaning to make sure they don’t get ear infections.
  3. Checkered Giant Rabbit: Now this rabbit breed is pretty big, some weighing as large as 13 pounds, however they are just as calm and easy-going as they are big. These gentle giants make great companions for couples or seniors who are wanting a little more of a dependent bun. I wouldn’t recommend adopting this breed if you have smaller children since this breed isn’t as affectionate as most.
  4. Harlequin Rabbit: Unlike their giant cousin’s listed above, Harlequin bunnies are incredibly active and can make great pets for families with children and first time rabbit owners. Harlequin’s are known for their curious attitude which means lock up anything you don’t want your rabbit getting into. Also make sure to give them a couple of hours outside their pens to play each day.
  5. Lionhead Rabbit: This rabbit is a smaller than the other breeds listed above, however they pack a pretty big personality in that small bodies of theirs. They’re aren’t just called “lions” for their small little manes of fur. If you aren’t looking for a bun with a little bit of spunk, the Lionhead might not be for you, but these little bunnies can definitely keep things lively in your home. I probably wouldn’t recommend this breed for families with small children though.

There you have it! 5 different bunny breeds! Now, this is only a small list of house bunnies out there (there are around 50 different bunny breeds in total) so make sure you do more research if you’re interested in adopting a bunny that wasn’t on this list.

Each bunny breed is unique and special in it’s own way, however making sure you can successful provide a good home for any bun is crucial. Just like any dog or cat breed, there may be some breeds that aren’t for you, and that’s perfectly okay! I’m sure out of the 50 different breeds, there’s a bun that will become a great addition to your family.

Remember, a great bunny owner is an informed one! Happy adopting!

More helpful information on bunny breeds:

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  • Alijah Peper

    Great post as always! Out of the five breeds you mentioned in your post, the one I’d go with is the English Lop. I’m more of a dog person myself, so a bunny that’s considered the “dog of the rabbit world” would probably suit me the best.

  • Hannah Broome

    I love English lops! They’re so adorable and I’m a fan of how they’re similar to dogs. Very interesting post.

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