House Bunnies are Great! But are They Great for You?

So you and your family are thinking about adopting a fur-baby? Great!

And you’re currently thinking about adopting a house bunny? Even better!

But before you pull the trigger and adopt a floppy-eared angel, it’s important to do your research to see if your family is the best choice for a house bunny.

Remember, it’s nice to find a pet that works well with your family, but choosing what’s best for the animal should always be top priority. They have to live with your family for the rest of their lives after all.

Although house rabbits are just as cute and adorable as a dog or cat, they aren’t always as cuddly. All rabbits are prey animals, both wild and domesticated, and it’s important for a bunny owner to know what that means and how it will affect the care you provide for your rabbit.

Adopting an animal is a big investment, and like any other investment you make in life, you should do research prior to committing to the adoption.

Before I made the choice in adopting my two fur-babies, I spent a few months prior really digging in deep to see if I was ready for the responsibilities of taking on a house bunny. Was I financially able to take care of their needs? What if one of them needed to go to the vet? Was my living space big enough to accommodate a house bunny? Was I able to give them the time they needed in order to be happy?

It took a while and some heavy research before I came to a decision, but the work is always worth your pet’s happiness!

Domesticated rabbits are one of the most abused and abandoned pet species in America, and most of this is contributed to the fact that owners do not educate themselves prior to adopting a rabbit. They go in with the mentality that they are adopting an animal that is similar to a dog or cat and are usually surprised to find that house bunnies a species of their own. They have different needs, different ways of playing and showing affection. They are still amazing animals that can love you harder than any dog or cat could, but they are different, and that’s perfectly okay.

If you are interested in adopting a house bunny, please do your future fur-baby a favor and research. There are plenty of helpful websites online that can tell you anything you need to know when determine if your the right fit for a bun.

Below I will include some educational links to help you make the right decision.

Happy Adopting!


Online Links for Pre-Bunny Owners:

PetCoach: Is a Rabbit the Right Pet for You?,and%20can%20become%20quite%20affectionate.


The Human Society of the United States: Is a rabbit the right pet for you?


My House Rabbit: Thinking About Getting a Pet Rabbit?

Thinking About Getting a Pet Rabbit?

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  • Billie Jo Parker

    My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting a bunny for quite some time. However, we have always been unsure if we will be able to get them the best of care. I know there is a lot that goes into taking care of rabbits, but I never really knew where to start to look for information. The links you provided are definitely a great help in seeing if I would be a suitable owner. I also learned quite a few facts about rabbits that I didn’t know about. Overall, I think your blog is going to help me greatly in deciding if a rabbit is a right pet for me!

  • Mohammed Al Khathlan

    It is sad to know these adorable creatures are being abused. I am interested in learning more about rabbits as pets and how they compare to dogs and cats. Very informative blog!

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