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    My Life With Buns: A Day in the Life of a Bunny Owner

    Hi everyone! Whenever I was first thinking about adopting bunnies, I always found listening to stories from other rabbit owners to be incredibly helpful, so I thought for this week, I would share a little bit about my own experiences of owning two house bunnies. So without further ado, here’s a day in the life of a bunny owner! Morning Rabbits are crepuscular, meaning they are more active during the hours before the sun sets and during the hours before the sun rises. Unfortunately, I work second shift at my job, so I am not home just before the sun sets, and I am definitely not up right before the…

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    Play Time With Your Bunny: The Bun Way to Have Fun

    Hello everybody! Last week went over rabbit diets and what/what-not to give to your little bunnies. This week, we’re going over a topic that is a lot more fun: play-time with your fur-babies! Now, just another reminder that rabbits are prey animals, so they don’t play the same way as a cat or dog. Rabbits can still be a bit skittish with sudden movements or loud noises, even if they are comfortable with you, so playing chase or play-wrestling is definitely not a go-to. However, there are other ways to enjoy time with your bunny. Some rabbits tend to do their own thing, so there may be times you just…