Alternatives for Your Home Cleaning Products

Alternatives for Your Home Cleaning Products

It may not surprise you that most likely the home cleaning products that are in each of our houses are not eco-friendly. All the plastic, chemicals, and artificial components of the cleaners. The thing that I always get worried about is that using cleaners that are eco-friendly is that they are not going to get my house clean enough without the super strong chemicals. But… THEY DO. Don’t get me wrong, the cleaners that are generally better for the environment still have a few ingredients that aren’t always natural but they are made up of a lot more plant-based compounds. 

Although still using (recycled) plastic, Method is one of my favorite cleaning products ( You can find Method at most stores, including Target and Festival, and they are relatively affordable. I appreciate their transparency as to what goes in the cleaner, how their bottles are made, and how to cut down on waste. They also have refills of their products in bags instead of bottles for a environmentally friendly choice instead of buying another bottle. This is one brand I enjoy and find to be accessible. (My favorite of their scents is grapefruit.)

Another brand that I enjoy a lot is Mrs. Meyers ( This company also works to provide eco-friendly cleaning alternatives at reasonable prices. This brand can also be found at stores like Target and Festival as well. Mrs. Meyers works towards having as many plant-based ingredients as possible in their products and uses recycled plastic for their packaging as well. (My favorite of their scents are honeysuckle, rain water, and Iowa pine (when it’s Christmas time/winter)). 

These are a couple brands that I personally use at least once a week and have enjoyed a lot! I hope that you like these products too if you either use them already or try them out. Next week we will talk about how to have a sustainable diet. Thanks for reading this week’s post!

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  • This was an interesting post. My mom is fairly eco-friendly (at the very least, she puts more active effort into being eco-friendly than I do), so I was curious to see if any of the products listed were things she makes use of. We use Mrs. Meyers brand soap a lot at my house, and I always assumed it was fairly eco-friendly, based purely on the appearance of their bottles. It’s pretty good soap too, it smells natural and isn’t overbearing. Great info!

  • HI,
    I’m a big fan of Mrs. Meyers for the same reason. I grew up in a household where cleaning was a 3x a week activity and we decided to make the switch to making our own products or buying environmentally friendly products in 2018. Very interesting read.

  • I’ve been keeping up with your blog for awhile now as my family and I recently became interested in reducing our carbon footprint any way we can. My mom is always cleaning the house so I’ll have to let her know about some of the products you mentioned.

  • I love these two brands! These are both brands I have grown up with and continue to use. My mom uses both of these but most recently has been really getting into mrsmeyers. Actually, for Christmas me, my brother, and my sister all got a full cleaning kit of everyting mrsmeyers, that’s how much my mom loves it! Great blog!

  • Hi! This is my first time visiting your site- this is such a great idea for a blog! I have been wanting to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and I have already learned so much from this blog. Great work!

  • I’ve been on the lookout for some new green cleaning chemicals to use for around the house, so thanks for the post! I’ll be sure to give some of these products a try!

  • These are actually some super great sites to use. Now that I’ll be graduating, getting plenty of my own clean supplies that are consciously better than the popular alternatives is exactly what I want.

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