How to Keep Learning About Sustainability

How to Keep Learning About Sustainability

Today is the last installment of Going Green on a Budget. At this point I hope that you have been encouraged that 1) being sustainable doesn’t need to be expensive and 2) changing your lifestyle slowly is the key to real change. Today’s blog will talk about how you can both keep learning about sustainability and how to keep on choosing sustainable alternatives. 

As I have said many times before, if you have any questions about sustainability or want to learn more about it, use Google. It is such a helpful resource and tool to find the best information among the web. By just using a simple search, you have all the information at your fingertips. Although it’s pretty obvious, I often turn to manually looking for information through social media instead of just doing a Google search but when I search it first, I find answers so much quicker. 

I hope that after this, you have considered choosing sustainable alternatives. I find myself struggling to always choose alternatives to products that I have been using for years but now I have found some sustainable options that I truly love and will keep buying as needed. Keep remembering that every small sustainable purchase does make a difference. I always think that when I am shopping and I find it helpful for myself.

Overall, I hope that this blog has provided you with good information, new insights, and more. Thank you so much for reading Going Green on a Budget throughout this semester!

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