Brands to Follow for Inspiration and Information

Brands to Follow for Inspiration and Information

Following other people who are in their journey to sustainability can be very inspiring. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about a few brands that I have enjoyed following and learning from. Some people can be kind of intense about how sustainable they are and it can be a little discouraging to see the difference between how you are living and how they are but don’t let that stop you from making changes in your own life. Everyone follows their own journey and this list is meant to just inspire and educate those who read it.




This resource is great. Not only do they have a great Insta platform to educate people but they also have a popular podcast that I really enjoy. Some episodes are a little too specific to things that don’t apply to me so I usually just look for the topics that I am interested in and listen to those instead of just playing through them all like most of my other podcasts. I hope you too enjoy this resource!

  1. Grove Collaborative 



This source isn’t really so much informative as it is inspirational. Grove sells sustainable homecare, beauty, etc. products. I enjoy their Insta page for learning more about sustainable alternatives to big name brands. I haven’t ordered anything from Grove yet but I plan to soon. I enjoy their website too. It is fun to look around at and helps inspire me. I hope it inspires you too!

  1. Tentree 


Again, I haven’t ordered anything yet from Tentree but I hope to sometime soon. This is a great informational source. They are an apparel company so they are selling clothing but they also do raise awareness of deforestation and they plant ten trees for every item that is purchased. They are a great company on a mission to further sustainability. I hope you like their page! 

I hope that these sources are a good start to places you can follow for inspiration and information. There are so many other great sources out there as well. Let me know in the comments if you have any sources you enjoy following on sustainability. Thanks for reading this week’s blog! Next week we will talk about how to change your home cleaning products to good alternatives.

7 thoughts on “Brands to Follow for Inspiration and Information”

  • These are some great sites to go to if you’re looking for more information on how to start living green. I go to Grove Collaborative myself to see what recommendations that have and have always liked the products they talk about. Great information for people wanting to start a green lifestyle!

  • I’ve definitely heard of Groove before and I love the message they are putting out for going green. There is this one company( forgot the name) that uses small little tablets for soup and toothpaste so they aren’t using a ton of packaging. I think they also have a really great message for going green. They also give glass bottles for your soups/ cleaning supplies.

  • As a person who isn’t that great at sustainability, this blog post definitely intrigued me. I think one of the hardest parts about going green is finding companies to buy things from in replace of the fast and easy things you can buy at Walmart. I took a look at a couple of these websites and they were definitely interesting and made me look into becoming more sustainable for the future.

  • This is actually a really great resource list. I find it difficult to seek out brands and pages that truly reflect a positive effort on going green and environmental awareness.

  • This is great! I like how you included links for the social media pages, podcasts, etc. I will have to give some of the podcasts a listen…I’m always looking for new things to listen to! Thanks again for the great information!

  • This was an excellent read! I’m definitely going to check out these sites as I’m always trying to be more environmentally aware. It’s awesome that these sites promote having better sustainability. One nonprofit I really admire is Trees That Feed, they try to stimulate the economy while also being sustainable in their products. I recommend them If you like to look into nonprofits that do their best to be environmentally sustainable.

  • This is cool. I did not know about any of these brands. Your blog is very informative and encouraging for people to be more sustainable.

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