How To Slowly Change Habits

How To Slowly Change Habits

This blog will hopefully be a good resource for those not sure how to start their journey to going green. Sustainability is one area though where slow and steady wins the race. 

  1. Like I mentioned in the previous blog entry, be mindful to use all of your existing products. You are not going to do any good by throwing out perfectly fine and full products. Use them up and then find a sustainable alternative when it comes time to replace the product.
  2. Definitely support small local businesses when you can but if they don’t have good options for what you need, start buying sustainable alternatives at large stores. The more that people purchase the sustainable options at Target, Walmart, or any other large store, the more those corporations will start to realize that they should carry more alternative products and maybe even take more responsibility for their own environmental impact.
  3. Invest in quality versus quantity. For example, it can be fun to own a lot of clothing, shoes, etc. but being careful to cut back on consumption is a major part of sustainability. While it can be expensive to invest in alternatives for clothing and shoes, those products will generally last WAY longer than a cheap outfit from H&M or another fast-fashion store. The idea of investing in quality versus quantity can really be applied to most areas of shopping and is really important when talking about this subject.

I hope that these are some good first steps and insights for your journey. Next week the blog will cover different organizations and businesses to follow for a deeper insight on the topic of sustainability. Thanks for reading this week’s entry!

3 thoughts on “How To Slowly Change Habits”

  • Hello 🙂 This post resonates with me because I have been binge watching this series on Netflix titled “Our Planet” and it brings up efforts to help sustainability and the impact of changing weather patterns. My question is, can individuals honestly contribute? I feel like the entire world needs to get on the same page, because otherwise there won’t be enough of an effect. What do you think?

  • HI, I enjoy this topic specifically. I think I mentioned it last week, but recognizing in increments where to change and slowly moving forward is far more sustainable than throwing out everything and overcommitting.

  • Hi, I really love the topic, especially as it is written about something so important. I really like the tip on buying from local businesses. It would be really cool to see some of these sustainable products that can be bought from stores.

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