Introduction to Sustainability

Introduction to Sustainability

Hello! Welcome to the first post of Going Green on a Budget! In this first post, I am going to introduce sustainability for those that don’t already know what this topic is. According to the U.N., “environmental sustainability is about acting in a way that ensures future generations have the natural resources available to live an equal, if not better, way of life as current generations.” The goal of most people that have adopted this mindful lifestyle when it comes to consumption of goods and products is to just make a small step towards a healthier planet. Many believe that if everyone just changed their habits a tiny bit and cut down on waste by only a little, the world and the current state of the environment would improve a lot. 

Sustainability looks different to a lot of people. Personally, there are just some things that I have not been able to give up yet like plastic baggies for storing food, but I have made active steps to start purchasing slow-fashion items from eco-conscious stores. My goal is to one day give up single use plastics but as a college student, it’s tough to make that change since I feel on-the-go so much of the time. I know that is how a lot of other people feel as well so the ultimate goal of this blog is to both inform and encourage those that are willing to even make tiny changes in their lifestyle habits. I hope that through the next 12 weeks, this blog can be a good beginning spot for people who have never heard of sustainable living and a good resource for those already practicing sustainability.

7 thoughts on “Introduction to Sustainability”

  • Sustainability is becoming a very important subject for everyone to be aware of it and to actively be more sustainable. I agree with you that it is hard to be sustainable in college. I am looking forward to reading your blog and learning how to be more sustainable.

  • I think it was really smart to do an introduction to sustainability for your first post so everyone can know what your website is going to be encouraging. I love the simplistic design of your website. I think it matches the idea of cleanliness and sustainability. I also like your voice in your post, you seem very genuine by showing your faults when it comes to sustainability. Great job!

  • I think that it’s a cool idea that you’re dedicating your blog to informing others about eco friendly living. It’s something super important for future generations that sadly isn’t talked about enough nowadays. In your blogpost, I thought it was relatable how you talked about what you haven’t been able to give up using and why. Given an individuals situation, it can be easier or harder to give some things up in order to live a greener life.

  • I’ve always wanted to start being more mindful of my waste and start a lifestyle geared more towards sustainability. The problem, like you mentioned, is that sometimes it’s a bit pricy to live a totally sustainable lifestyle. That’s why I’m interested in learning more about your ideas of how to be more green within a budget. Can’t wait for more helpful advice from your blog!

  • Hi Adeline!

    I am really excited to read your blogs all semester. Personally, I have always wanted to find ways to lower my carbon footprint and be more sustainable. I am excited to learn more here and get some school work done at the same time in the process.

    Great post! Have a good week!

  • This is actually a really important issue I find that most people our age actively ignore. Hearing from someone who knows what college/after college life is like is refreshing to say the least. Will definitely be back for more.

  • Hi,
    This is a really cool idea fora blog, considering that this topic is pretty serious with global warming on the rise. Being better towards the environment can benefit everyone in the long run. I am really excited to learn more about this in future blogs.

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