Why Should We Care About Sustainability?

Why Should We Care About Sustainability?

The topic of sustainability is becoming an important conversation. For a long time people have been making incredible strides towards advancing technology and our society in general but there has definitely been an environmental impact, and unfortunately it hasn’t always been a good one. While some people would prefer not to switch their lifestyles to include some environmentally-friendly alternatives, it may become a requirement at some point if it gets too bad. If we all start making small differences, it will help tremendously. 

So we get back to the headline: why should we care? It depends on your motivation. Consider this for yourself, “how would a worse environment impact me?”

This question can be hard to answer because we don’t know the future. It can be difficult to answer this question but it is important. Even if nothing happens quickly and we don’t see all of the negative impacts in our lifetime, think about how we will impact future people that live on earth if we are negligent in protecting the environment now. I personally want to leave the earth better than I found it and I know a lot of people share the same desire. 

So in conclusion, there is no clear answer to why we should care. People all need to decide for themselves and find a motivation to change if that’s what they want to do. No one can be forced to change their habits (at least not yet) so making voluntary changes can be empowering. Hopefully this helps people determine what is best for them and if they desire a change at this point or not. It really is a personal decision that people have to make for themselves and this decision can be greatly determined by age and by income. Next week we will start learning about how to start a sustainable lifestyle without having to change that much.

9 thoughts on “Why Should We Care About Sustainability?”

  • I definitely agree with you that you can’t change people’s minds but if they do small changes in their lifestyle it definitely could be beneficial for the environment in the future and they might not even know. I’m excited to see what you have to say for next week!

  • I think this is really awesome. I feel like changing the Earth is something that is very popular right now because it is something that really has to be done. You can’t change people’s minds but you can educate them. Everyone is different and different things are important to different people. I think that is a great point. I think the impact we have now will really impact what the future is. I think this is an awesome way to put this topic!

  • The environment is a really interesting topic that can be difficult to find involvement in. That is, many people (myself included) might feel powerless to change the environment, since the actions of large corporations, and the general populous, will generally overpower the decisions of an individual. I think by relating the environment to our own personal interests, as you did with this blog post, people are more likely to feel inspired to make a change in their own lives.

  • This is definitely a subject that gets forgotten about and yet is so important. Small changes can make an impact and everything takes time. With a little bit of knowledge and some inspiration, people can change. I am glad you are going over this in your blog.

  • I liked your post. The environment is literally our home, and I think most people do want to keep it clean. However, with the way the world works nowadays I’m not so sure our individual efforts will help as much as they should. If you think about it, its not just the United States that has a problem with this, its the entire world. So unfortunately, we must have everybody on Earth on the same page.

  • I think the topic of sustainability is incredibly important to think about, especially since our actions and decisions can impact our environment in a very big way. Learning ways to lessen our footprint on the world is a great way to make sure our environment remains livable for us all. Even taking baby-steps towards living a green lifestyle is better than nothing!

  • Thank you for your content! For me, it is obvious that we need to start caring about our environment and the points you brought up could really convince someone to finally look around. Finding new ways to lessen our impact on the environment is very important and I look forward to learning many more tips. I do hope everyone decides they should care, though.

  • Hi! This is such a great idea for a blog! Spreading awareness and advocating for everyone to lead a more sustainable life is essential now more than ever because the climate crisis is only going to get worse if all of us don’t have changes. Great post!

  • I know we cannot force people to care, because ultimately, we do not “have” to. However it is refreshing to know that regardless of that, that we can still make an effort to inform people who may not be fully convinced why they should care. It is equally important to convince people of it the same way you or I may have been convinced.

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