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    To Swipe or Not to Swipe

    I grew up watching Disney movies of the guy swooping a girl off her feet. There always a dramatic conflict in the middle but just as the movie would end the guy would come back with a big romantic gesture and they would live happily ever after. Well… seems like Disney lied to me. Modern-day love seems to revolve around dating sites now where romance means receiving a message asking about your day instead of a bad pick up line. However, I have seen a few success stories so maybe love isn’t dead yet? A great part of quarantine though is these sites giving more features for free. For example,…

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    The AMA Way

    Find your people. I have never met a more dedicated or competitive group of college students. I came in as a transfer student and was so nervous about getting involved. Slowly I started making friends and I quickly made AMA one of the biggest parts of my life. Through this organization, I have found my life long best friends, been given travel opportunities, and have been challenged in a way I never have before.  Anyone that knows me probably gets annoyed about how much I talk about AMA but if you are truly passionate about something then why wouldn’t you talk about it? Throughout my lifetime I have been involved…

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    Quality Quarantine

    Bored in the house and in the house bored? If you know what that means you have probably spent way too much time on TikTok. Don’t worry I am right there with you but there are other activities to try to pass this time in quarantine. We obviously all miss being able to hang out with our friends and going out. However, there are plenty of things you can do during this time! Do Zoom Happy Hours Get your friends or family together on Zoom, Webex, or Facetime. It is a great way to get everyone together and socialize at home while having a drink with everyone. Have fun with…

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    Z in Gen Z doesn’t just stand for Zuri

    Hello everyone! COVID-19 is the cause of us losing out on our normal schedules including missing important dates like our spring break trips, graduation, and day to day in-person classes and activities. That is why this week I wanted to share with you this article from the NY Times, “We Live in Zoom Now“, about how Gen Z is using Zoom for everything. Below is part of the article that I think is important to share and is relevant to how most of us are feeling! “Teenagers have jokingly referred to themselves as “Zoomers” online for years; now the name is literal. Overnight, Zoom has become a primary social platform…

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    The Intern Life

    Hello, my name is Haley Henricksen, I host Plates of Whitewater and I will be taking over Zuri’s Blog this week! Having an internship in college is one of the best professional experiences you can have before entering into the real work upon graduation. I have had an internship for the past 2 years through the school and one in the summer before I graduate. I have learned so much about time management and as well as who I am as a young professional. The intern life is not easy though, for the first time I feel like I need to go to work rather than I have to go…

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    The College Student Holiday

    Spring breaking on a budget Traveling is so fun and it’s even better when you can make those memories with your friends. Spring break is the most talked about and looked forward to “holiday” for college students. Everyone wants to go away to a warm place with the sun shining, waves crashing, and beautifully green palm trees. This can be an expensive trip but my friend and I managed to plan our spring break trip for $300 per person. So how did we do this? LOTS OF PLANNING! Hotel First, we started with the most important step… choosing where we wanted to stay. Then we stalked hotel prices, read all the…

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    The Introvert’s Guide to Getting Involved

    I moved around a lot during middle school which meant coming into high school I didn’t have many friends. This affected me throughout high school, I was never able to settle into one friend group and instead floated around. Once I got to college, I made it one of my goals to get involved so I could meet new people. I did community college first but there were still opportunities to get involved so that is exactly what I did. Was I crazy nervous? Absolutely. Was I so shy I barely talked to people? OH yeah. However, I started by joining the business club and student government during my freshman…

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    Valentine’s Day is for everyone

    It’s Valentine’s Day! If you have a significant other, enjoy the romance of today, post those cute and sappy pictures, and remind your person how much you love and appreciate them. If you’re single, do not hate those that are celebrating and do your own thing. This holiday is all about love; love for your family and friends counts too! My friends brought me flowers, chocolate, and a note. It was something simple and yet it made my day, so today can be about reminding anyone that you love them. Make your friends’ day! Bring your mom or grandma flowers. Just because you are not in a relationship or it’s…

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    Welcome, GenZ

    Hello Everyone! My name is Zuri. I am currently a senior, on the verge of graduating with tons of experiences to share. That is why I want my blog to be all about college life; from dating, getting involved on campus, living away from home, internship experiences, to figuring out what to do post-grad. This blog will be for you, Gen Z.