The Introvert’s Guide to Getting Involved

I moved around a lot during middle school which meant coming into high school I didn’t have many friends. This affected me throughout high school, I was never able to settle into one friend group and instead floated around. Once I got to college, I made it one of my goals to get involved so I could meet new people. I did community college first but there were still opportunities to get involved so that is exactly what I did. Was I crazy nervous? Absolutely. Was I so shy I barely talked to people? OH yeah. However, I started by joining the business club and student government during my freshman year. By sophomore year I had been elected Vice President for both. And when the Student Trustee dropped out, I was the first to volunteer to step in. This meant I had to attend every board of trustee meetings where I again was made to step out of my comfort zone. I was the only student on the board so I had to ensure the student voice was being heard among all of the older community members that had been elected to be on the school’s board. Again, was I nervous to speak up? Heck Yes! What would a sophomore in college know? I kept asking myself this and questioning my abilities. However, slowly I began to speak up and share my thoughts, which everyone seemed to appreciate and helped the other board members hear students’ thoughts. In my term, I helped bring to light issues with our college workout center and have the student space that had been requested for a while finally happen.

Getting sworn in

Turns out all you need is to have confidence in yourself. I did the same thing when coming to Whitewater, I joined a few organizations and eventually found my home in AMA, which I will talk about more extensively in another post. Point is, I know it’s hard but do not be afraid to get out there. Become comfortable in the uncomfortable, challenge yourself, and push yourself to try new things. You have good ideas, have confidence in yourself to share them because I am sure they will be appreciated. Don’t get me wrong, you will fail or there will be things you join where you will not fit in and that is okay! It took me trying different organizations to find the place for me and find my best friends but I would not do anything differently because each step in my path has helped me grow and made me the person I am now. A person that is confident, has no fear in speaking her mind and is constantly willing to try to new things.


  • Grace Holler

    I can relate to the friends part. Also, I agree with making yourself get out of your comfort zone. It makes you grow as a person.

  • Becca Fish

    I have a lot of friends who are introverts and I saw them have similar struggles when they went to college. I think you have it right, the more we are able to speak up the more true we are to ourselves.

  • Ian Dunn

    Wow I can relate to this. It can be hard to get out there and I wouldn’t have gotten into Dunegons and Dragons or met most of my friends if I didn’t take that risk and step out there.

  • Brett Reader

    I can relate a lot to this but from a slightly different angle. In elementary school I was always the friend getting left behind when other people had to move. I never really found much of a permanent friend group til middle school and high school. However I woudn’t have made those friends if I hadn’t tried to get out of my shell more and I’m glad for it.

  • Newlong Lor

    OMGGG RELATE! The confidence stuck to me the most, because I used to be very introverted from before, but overtime it just takes me time to get used to the people and be comfortable around them so that I can be myself. Awesome post btw!

  • Dana Hockbein

    I agree with you completely! I feel like I am more of a mix of introvert and extrovert. I wish I would have participated in more organizations on campus but it’s really hard to fit in school responsibilities, work responsibilities and social responsibilities all in a weeks work. I’m glad you got out of your comfort zone and did something for YOU!

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