Quality Quarantine

Bored in the house and in the house bored?

If you know what that means you have probably spent way too much time on TikTok. Don’t worry I am right there with you but there are other activities to try to pass this time in quarantine. We obviously all miss being able to hang out with our friends and going out. However, there are plenty of things you can do during this time!

  1. Do Zoom Happy Hours

Get your friends or family together on Zoom, Webex, or Facetime. It is a great way to get everyone together and socialize at home while having a drink with everyone. Have fun with it by creating funny Zoom backgrounds! You can prepare games to play during the call or simply catch up on everyone’s lives. You can make an online bingo game or if you are playing with close friends I found a game called “Stay the F*ck Inside” which will definitely get you drunk fast so play with caution! (https://staythefuckinside.com/) I ended up playing this with friends for about 2 hours and not only did we drink a lot but we also got to learn a lot more about each other. The game comes in PDF format so I pulled it up during the zoom call and shared my screen.

2. Play Online Games

One game I have found that is super fun to play with friends is an app called Frankly. Ironically I found about it from TikTok but it has become my friend group’s favorite quarantine game. The downside is it only allows 4 people in the video game mode but it is so much fun! It is basically a facetime call with 4 people through the app, you get to pick the mode you want to play (there are 38 game modes), and during the game, you each take turns picking people to answer questions. These questions can either be really saucy or will help you get to know your friends REALLY WELL.

3. Paint or Organize

Get some cheap canvases from Walmart when you go out for your essential groceries and you probably have that art drawer filled with old paints and paintbrushes from an old school project you did. Look for some inspiration on Google or TikTok and let your inner Picasso come out! This gives you an outlet to be creative and can be very relaxing even if you aren’t that good (I definitely am not). This is also the perfect time to finally binge-watch those shows you have been putting off while organizing your room or whatever other areas you have always wanted to but never have time to.

4. Learn more!

There are many schools, including Harvard, that are offering free courses right now! While you can’t certify in them unless you pay for the certification and they won’t count towards your degree they are still a great resource. These are valuable classes that are free which you can add to your resume or will be a new skill you can talk about with future employers.

What else have you been doing during quarantine? Will you be trying any of these ideas?


  • Dana Hockbein

    LOL the only thing Ive been doing during quarantine is doing homework. It seems like it never ends. I really like to draw, so maybe Ill work on a new project to get my mind off things!

  • Becca Fish

    I have literally organized and cleaned everything in my house lol. I am glad that people are being safe, but I cannot wait to get out of this house!!

  • Grace Holler

    I have been keeping myself busy with activities, such as organizing my whole room. I made five scrapbooks the first week of quarantine (so glad I got them done after so many years). I also recently purchased Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch, so I am living my childhood again LOL. I’m planning on going golfing next week, so I am very happy to get some fresh air.

  • Brett Reader

    I’ve been playing through some of the video games on my backlog and playing multiplayer games online with my friends. We usually have a steady rotation of the games we play during a week’s time.

  • Logan Meyer

    Playing online games has pretty much been my quarantine so far, this is the best way I can interact with my friends and still stay in touch, and I don’t have any problem with it. Its always fun to end the night playing your favorite games with your close friends.

  • Morgan Meade

    I have been looking for a virtual game to play so thank you for sharing the drinking one you found it sounds like a lot of fun!! Also, these are all great ideas to keep busy during this super boring time!

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