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Hello, my name is Haley Henricksen, I host Plates of Whitewater and I will be taking over Zuri’s Blog this week!

Having an internship in college is one of the best professional experiences you can have before entering into the real work upon graduation. I have had an internship for the past 2 years through the school and one in the summer before I graduate. I have learned so much about time management and as well as who I am as a young professional. The intern life is not easy though, for the first time I feel like I need to go to work rather than I have to go to work. It has been a crazy transition to needing to complete projects that take a few weeks instead of doing a closing list at a normal job. I get treated a little bit differently than regular employees because I am an intern and not a regular employee which is kind of cool but now my expectations are higher.

In terms of getting an internship, try as soon as the summer between sophomore and junior year of college by applying to anything and everything. Some experience is still a beneficial experience and it will still contain transferable skills. Once you get into your summer between your junior and senior year it is essential to have an internship or experience in a field related to your major whatever it is paid or unpaid. 

Being an intern has given me a sense of purpose and a feeling of accomplishment. I would suggest getting an internship at some point in your professional career because it can do nothing but good!

– Haley


  • Becca Fish

    Hi Haley,
    Great post, thanks for sharing! Internships are incredibly important. I know several people who’s internships turned into their first job. A suggestion that I always give people is to make sure they ask their professor if they know anyone looking to hire an intern. People always seem to forget to use their connections.

  • Joshua Versh

    I definitely agree that it is better to get your internship done before your senior year. My first internship was a job that I did for the past 3 summers before, but it had to do with my degree. I was able to gain more knowledge about the job and look over permits/restrictions put into place when it came to the environment and safety. Internships help, but it is way better when you get a paid internship.

  • Dana Hockbein

    I wish it were that easy to get an internship! Since the majority of them are unpaid or very little pay/ hours you put in I had a hard time choosing to pursue one or not. I chose working my job I already have and going to school full time. I really wish I could have found an internship that worked for me but I needed the money more and I barely had free time as it was! So I am very proud that it all worked out for you, Haley!

  • Brett Reader

    I agree that internships are an important stepping stones into the world of professional jobs. The transferable skills you get from the experience are beyond beneficial but it’s not always possible to get an internship because unpaid internships sadly exist and the bills have to be paid somehow. I hope in the future that internships become more accessible by removing the concept of unpaid internships.

  • luke piccione

    Awesome advice from an upper class-man! This is something I was told going through college and it wasn’t until last year when I did it. It was helpful with learning new skills, seeing what websites businesses use and its so beneficial in the long run. Either way, any job there are transferable skills learned so get out there and start learning!

  • Morgan Meade

    This was a great guest blog! I agree I had an internship last semester and it really helped me gain confidence in myself and what I want to do! Since I graduate in May, I have had a ton of interviews the past couple of months and having an internship gave me something to talk about and helped me to land my first job! It isn’t always easy to get an internship so I agree with you that you just have to put yourself out there and apply to everything!!

  • Ethan Maurice

    I think your article has a great write-up! The advice that you give about trying for anything and everything is so on point, because in my personal experience, I applied for an internship I didn’t think I’d want and got it anyway, and it ended up being a super fantastic experience!
    I don’t know if you’re seeking any internships at the moment, but I hope you get them, Haley

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