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Spring breaking on a budget

Traveling is so fun and it’s even better when you can make those memories with your friends. Spring break is the most talked about and looked forward to “holiday” for college students. Everyone wants to go away to a warm place with the sun shining, waves crashing, and beautifully green palm trees. This can be an expensive trip but my friend and I managed to plan our spring break trip for $300 per person.┬áSo how did we do this? LOTS OF PLANNING!


First, we started with the most important step… choosing where we wanted to stay. Then we stalked hotel prices, read all the reviews we could and asked people that had gone to the area we were going to. It helped to have the area booked on Hopper so we could get alerts as well as just searching on Google, make sure to search on Incognito mood so your searches can’t be tracked to raise the price on what you’re interested in. From there we narrowed it down to our favorite two. It also helped that we got a large group of 19 people to go, this helped cut costs.


Another tip to cut costs is to carpool and drive to your location because splitting gas costs is much cheaper than a plane ticket. We made a PowerPoint to help keep track of the costs and we shared it with everyone on the trip so we could all stay updated on what to expect. Preplanning for costs can help everyone stay on track with how much to save in the longer term. To give a better idea, a plane ticket to Daytona was $400 at its cheapest for this week and gas will be $75 or less per person. Having a car there will also cut Uber costs!

Food and Fun

One thing we prioritized in the hotel we chose was having a kitchen because a big cost when traveling is going out to eat. To help this we decided to pre-plan meals for the week and estimate with Walmart prices x quantity of people to get a rough estimate of what food would cost. Another thing that can be expensive is alcohol, we are planning on all splitting cost of handles everyone will use to make mixed drinks to save. Springbreak time can also be costly in club cover fees so we found a spring break party card that includes some free drinking and cover fees for less than paying for cover fees there would be. We also found a hotel that was in walking distance to the clubs and on the ocean!

Hope these tips helped! Let me know in the comments what your spring break plans are!


  • Ian Dunn

    I am super impressed with how organized your group is! Planning a trip for 19 people can be a daunting task. I hope you have a great time on your trip

  • Brett Reader

    For as carefree as spring breaks tend to be, it’s clear just how much planning has to go into it. While I’m not much of a party person I can find so much useful information regarding trip planing here. I’ll be sure to keep these things in mine when I plan my first real solo trip.

  • Morgan Meade

    I was having trouble this year planning a trip that was cost-effective for Spring Break. I like the steps you took to plan out your trip! I am definitely going to use them in the future when planning trips cheap!

  • Dana Hockbein

    My spring break will not be as exciting as yours! I probably will be working the majority of it :/ I really like that everyone agreed and planned out the best way and most affordable way to go on a trip together! Hopefully there will not be any conflicts among the 19 people going!! I hope you all have fun and make smart choice!

  • Newlong Lor

    Wow! This is awesome! Honestly I haven’t planned on doing anything for spring break, but we shall see if I do make plans! Thanks for the steps to make spring break a bit more affordable, too!

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