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Valentine’s Day is for everyone

It’s Valentine’s Day! If you have a significant other, enjoy the romance of today, post those cute and sappy pictures, and remind your person how much you love and appreciate them. If you’re single, do not hate those that are celebrating and do your own thing. This holiday is all about love; love for your family and friends counts too! My friends brought me flowers, chocolate, and a note. It was something simple and yet it made my day, so today can be about reminding anyone that you love them. Make your friends’ day! Bring your mom or grandma flowers. Just because you are not in a relationship or it’s complicated right now doesn’t mean you have to miss the fun. Get your friends to have a girl’s night or a bros night, you don’t have to treat the day like anything out of the ordinary if you don’t want to. My plans include watching “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You”, eating chocolate-covered strawberries, drinking some wine, and then going out with my friends.

I listened to a podcast this week from Barstool, Schnitt Talk. Ellie and her co-host Alana discussed Valentine’s Day and I agreed with their thoughts. One of her big points was to not be a hater during this holiday, it’s supposed to be fun and to let people be happy. She also points out that you do not need to feel sorry for yourself because you’re single every other day of the year so you don’t need to make this day special. Do what makes you happy but don’t ruin the day for others and just have fun today.

My friend brought me flowers, chocolate, and a letter


  • Joshua Versh

    Zuri, I really enjoyed your blog. I agree with you 100% on the fact that if you are single do not feel sorry for yourself or bring people down. Instead you can show love to so many people in your life other than your girlfriend or boyfriend. Also, big fan of barstool podcasts because they tend to deal with mainstream topics, in this case they happened to talk about valentines day which connected perfectly with your blog.

    • Newlong Lor

      One thing I like to tell people who are single on Valentine’s Day is to just love yourself even more. There’s nothing else that can be wrong about that in my opinion. Otherwise, this is great blog!

  • Grace Holler

    I agree with you, that if you are single, today is just another day. Go do something nice for yourself or your friends or family. I went to a hockey game with my friend and had a lot of fun. I’m also a huge Barstool fan and love their podcasts.

  • Logan Meyer

    I love this blog idea Zuri, I was lonely for Valentines day but I made the most of it by spoiling myself with lots of food. I listen to barstool podcasts all the time too, they are always fun to listen to, so i agree with most of what they say about things. I do see couples getting all lovey-dovey on valentines day which makes me kind of angry because I wish I had someone todo that with. I never truly get mad though, because I know that I am better off being by myself, especially during college.

  • Luke Willkomm

    Don’t be a hater. That’s a big mood that needs to be broadcasted. Very cool to see that you are spreading these vibes of love that go beyond romance. Love of a brother/sister is such a great message that never gets old. I look forward to your Gen Z hot-take on events in the future.

  • Luke Piccione

    Great idea and momentum with the blog. I enjoy the concept of spreading self love and love for others. I’m interested in what other blogs and topics are posted about. One thing I especially liked is how you went on telling us what to be grateful for even if we don’t have that special someone for valentines.

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