Week 3 Sports Update

NBA: On Monday, February 24th, the Staples Center held a memorial service celebrating the lives of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna and reflects the basketball jersey numbers worn by both Kobe (No. 24) and Gianna (No. 2). NBA Legend, Michael Jordan spreads his emotion and love towards Kobe and the Bryant family as he says that, “as I got to know him, I wanted to be the best big brother that I could be”. More than 20,000 people attended the memorial in memory of the two lives that had past.

NFL: Former Ohio State DE, Chase Young is not planning to take apart in the combine drills this week. The projected top-three pick will be present for interviews and medical exams. Will this instance effect his draft picks or playing time?

MLB: The Houston Astros have faced a large amount of criticism due to their sign-stealing scandal that has dominated headlines during the offseason. With that in mind, William Hill sportsbook set an over/under on the number of Astros batters that will be hit by pitches in the 2020 season at 83.5. Both the over and under options for 83.5 are at -110. That would be about one batter hit every other game, according to SportsLine.

Week 2 Sports Update

NBA: NBA Center, Cint Capela’s Health was a major factor in his trade from the Houston Rockets to the Atlanta Hawks in early February. Capela is dealing with plantar faciitis, and was originally expected to be out for only 2 weeks. After one week of resting, Coach Lloyd Pierce stated that “it will be weeks before Capela will be able to play again”.

MLB: The Houston Astros are under heat after the alleged cheating scandal in the 2019 MLB season. Players are being questioned and most show no sincere apologies of these instances. MLB All-Star Aaron Judge said that, “I am sick to my stomach” after speaking on the Astros cheating scandal. He believes that the team should be punished and that there should be question that they were probably cheating their way to the World Series as well.

NFL: The Chicago Bears agree to signing Demetrius Harris, the previous TE from Cleveland as he only lasted one season with the Browns. The unemployment was not too long, as the Bears and Harris agreed to a one-year deal contract with the Chicago Bears.

Week 1 Sports Update

NBA: Dwayne Wade appeared on the “Ellen show” on Monday, February 10th, to discuss how he supports his 12-year-old sons recent gender identity change. He stated to Ellen that as a father you should always be, “Unconditionally loving and supporting to your child in whoever they are”. Dwaynes son was origionally named Zion, but now wants to be known as Zaya. Wade then stated that, “as for me… nothing changes in my love. Nothing changes in my responsibilities. So, all i have to do now is get smarter and educate myself more”.

NFL: Philip Rivers and the Los Angeles Chargers are parting ways after 16 seasons. Although, the QB says that he is not ready to retire just yet. Rivers syas he wants to take his talents elsewhere and find a new city to thrive in.

MLB: MVP moved to a different team? Kris Bryant in discussion for a near future trade. Although, the Mookie Betts trade saga is nearing a conclusion, he might not be the last MVP Award winner moved this offseason. Multiple National League teams have contacted the Cubs to make offers for third baseman Kris Bryant, according to David Kaplan of ESPN 1000 in Chicago.

LM Sports Updates

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