October 2017

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Halloween is almost here and I found this interesting post from College Magazine that gives some great recipes for Halloween parties. Many of these are good for parties or even a small group of people in the Halloween spirit.

While many of these look fun and easy, some are more complicated than most of us would ever do for a party. My tip is weather you use one of these recipes or one of your own, make sure it is shareable, easy, and cheap. This tends to be the the best combination for college parties as it won’t break your bank and it will not take too much time.

In the near future I will be sharing some more great tailgating and party recipes.

For now Happy Halloween!


In the spirit of Halloween, I found three great sites that have fun spooky cocktail ideas. These would be great for Halloween festivities of any size. While all of these recipes call for alcohol, many of them can be made with out it. (Disclaimer: You must be 21 in order to consumer alcohol. Please enjoy responsibly)

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Check This Out

Today I was searching on the internet for something interesting to write about and I found this post post on the blog “She Knows.” In this post the author described 10 hacks to make sure college students don’t go hungry.

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This is a recipe makes 6-8 servings.

This is my Recipe


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Microwave Meals


I saw this video on Facebook this week and thought I just had to share it. When people think of college cooking, they assume that we only know how to microwave frozen meals and leftovers. Every student has access to a microwave and it truly can be the most versatile tool for cooking in college. These 7 recipes are simple and easy for anyone to make especially in a short amount of time. In a future post I will try to make some of these to see if it as easy as it looks to make them.

Let me know what you think of the video in the comments section below.


Recipe Makes 6 servings

From: Ramen Noodle Recipes Cook Book



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Cooking Tip

My cooking tip for this week is to make too much food on purpose. While it doesn’t sound like a good idea it will actually save you a ton of time during the week. For example, if you make a big meal on Sunday, you will have leftovers for the rest of the week. You can even pre-package them in meal-sized portions to take for lunch or eat for dinner when you have no time to cook. By making sure you have leftovers, you only have to cook once and you can have food ready for several meals. This is working smarter not harder.

Image result for grocery shopping

Everyone has different systems to grocery shop effectively. Here are 4 of my tips to help stay on budget and maximize your dollar.

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The traditional staple of college¬†cooking is Ramen Noodles. Coming in a variety of flavors,¬†Ramen Noodles are cheep and easy to make at home or on the go. They are almost impossible to mess up with quick and easy to follow directions. If your a college student what’s not to love?

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