Football Party


The picture above is some food that I made for a football watch party a few weeks ago. Events like this are a great way to gather friends to relax as the semester gets busy. They are not very expensive and I have some tips for how to it well and on a budget.

Tip 1 Verify how many people are coming before buying anything.

While this sounds like a no brainier, many people forget it. By verifying how many people will attend, this will, give you a good idea on how much food to make. I tend to always over estimate a little bit so that no one leaves hungry. However, making way too much food is just a waste of time and money which is something we college students never seem to have enough of.

Tip 2 Have a small cover charge or ask people to bring a dish.

This also seems like a no brainier but many people over look this detail as well. Just because you are hosting the party does not mean that you have to by or make everything. Ask your friends to chip in by bringing plates, a dish or other necessity. If you don’t want to worry about delegating that, you can always take the cost of the party and roughly divide it by the number of guests. If you choose this option the cost should be no more than 5 dollars.

Tip 3 Keep it simple.

At the end of the day, this is college. Keep the food simple and don’t spend a ton of time making the party outrageous. It just puts more work on you before and after the event. Everyone will be happy.

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