Fun Halloween Drinks


In the spirit of Halloween, I found three great sites that have fun spooky cocktail ideas. These would be great for Halloween festivities of any size. While all of these recipes call for alcohol, many of them can be made with out it. (Disclaimer: You must be 21 in order to consumer alcohol. Please enjoy responsibly)

1. Country Living- 32 Halloween Cocktails

2. Delish- Fireball Cider Jello Shots

3. Hoosier Homemade- Candy Corn Jello Shots

I decide to make these for my Halloween party and here is the recipe.



1 small box lemon jello

1 small box orange jello

2 packets or 3 tablespoons Knox unflavored gelatin

2 cups boiling water

Cool Whip

Sprinkles for garnish, optional


Step 1 In a small bowl, combine lemon jello and 1 packet of unflavored gelatin, stir

Step 2 Add 1 cup boiling water and stir 2 minutes or until dissolved

Step 3 Add jello to shot glasses, fill about 1/2 way


Step 4 Place in fridge for 20 minutes

Step 5 Repeat with 1 cup boiling water, orange jello and unflavored gelatin

Step 6 Fill shot glasses and place in fridge for 20 minutes up to 1 hour before serving, add Cool Whip to the top and sprinkles if you like


adult version

  1. Add 1 cup boiling water to 1 box of Jello and stir to dissolve.
  2. Add 3/4 cup vodka and 1/4 cup cold water, stir to combine
  3. Add to shot glasses and chill
  4. Note – this is for a single flavor


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