Stop to Smell the Cookies

christmas cookie

It is no question that this time of year is extra busy for college students specifically. We have classes, projects, tests, and the stresses of finials and the end of the semester all in the short period of time after Thanksgiving. Also, students at the same time are ready to take the time off from all the work and celebrate the holidays. One good way to get in the holiday spirit and to reduce stress a little bit is to bake some cookies.

Many people would say that they simply can’t waste the time doing this. However, making cookies really doesn’t take that long. You can get ready to make cookies which have no prep work involved or you can make a cookie that doesn’t require any frosting or glazing after they are baked. Similarly, you could work on homework or study while the cookies are in the oven. You can also get some friends involved and you can hang out and┬árelax together.

While your dorm room may not have an oven in it, you can probably find one in a common area or at another friends apartment or house. An important thing to keep in mind is that all ovens seem to cook slightly differently. Make sure to pay attention to the first batch to ensure that they are not only done but that you also don’t burn them. My other suggestion as usual is to keep it simple. Choose something that is easy and that you know how to make. Ready to bake cookies are a good option as well as my personal favorite of chocolate chip cookies. There are a ton of recipes for chocolate chip cookies online and they are really easy to make. I would not recommend sugar cookies because these require considerable work frosting them after they are done baking.

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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