What to Do with Thanksgiving Leftovers

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Usually after the holiday, at least at my house, there usually is a lot of leftover stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey and other fixings. I have three tips as to what you can do with all of the holiday leftovers.

1. The first one is to simply eat the meal again. To me, the meal is just as good the second time around. Put a helping of each of the leftovers on a plate and microwave it for about a minute thirty to two minutes. It makes a great lunch or quick dinner option. This however, is only good one or two times.

2. The second is to make a turkey sandwich. This is a great quick lunch option. Put some leftover turkey on some bread with mayo and some cheese. For a side, warm up some mashed potatoes or some stuffing.

3. The third option is to make a turkey loaf. Combine turkey and stuffing with cream of chicken in a loaf pan and bake it in a loaf pan. Another option is to make turkey tetrazzini. These both take ingredients that you already have, are made in most cases, and give you a great new meal.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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