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Now that we’ve laid down a basis for streaming research, its time to actually set up the stream! My best advice that I can give is to look at other peoples streaming setups and see which one aligns with your aesthetic! When it comes to setting up your stream, you want everything to stand out and represent you. For instance, a friend made my profile picture and banner which has brought more people to look at my stream.

This picture makes my stream look more professional and helps bring people in.

Another thing that can be helpful when designing your stream layout is picking a color scheme! My color scheme is light pink and light purple because they are fun and not too distracting.

A tool that has been super helpful in setting up my stream has been twitch studio! There I have created four layouts that are essential to my streams. They include a Gaming layout, chatting layout, and a Be right back Layout. These have been super helpful for me but may not be helpful for someone who has a music stream! It all depends on what you want your stream to offer.

The website that has been super helpful for me was streaminglabs. https://streamlabs.com/library

As for streaming tech, I recommend starting with what you have and building up to better equipment. I use a tonor microphone that I got as a present and an HD camera that was $30 off of amazon and that is more than sufficient for my needs.

I hope that some of this information was helpful, and Happy streaming!


  • Billie Jo Parker

    I have only really ever watch streams on twitch so I don’t know much about setting up your platform. I didn’t know there was twitch studio to help create different layouts for streams. Are there any other programs out there to help create different layouts for your streams? Overall, I really liked this post and I think your profile picture and overall scheme of your platform are awesome!

  • Joseph Doll

    Another insightful post into the world of streaming 🙂 How long have you been streaming yourself? What are some of your favorite games that you stream? I feel like the “gaming streaming” market has so many people, that its got to be extremely difficult to form a following.

    • Hannah Broome

      I have been streaming for 3 months now but I will say that between work and school I’m not as consistent as I would like to be. It’s definitely hard to get a following but I think that as long as you’re kind and talk with the people watching they’ll want to come back and see more streams. Some games I like to stream are fortnite, the sims, and occasionally I’ll do an interactive stream like club penguin or something of the sorts.

  • Jeff W

    You seem to have quite the passion for streaming, which is good! Too many people try streaming thinking that it’ll launch them into instant popluarity. However, you have taken a more realistic approach and are growing your audience base bit by bit. Your enthusiasm shows through these posts, and I hope it will translate well for your streams too.

  • Danielle Terrell

    Thanks for this information! My boyfriend and I wanted to get into streaming just for something to do together and this is extremely helpful advice for newcomers! I enjoyed reading your blog and please post more helfpul information!

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