TIP 8: Update Stream Setup

Hi everyone,

In the world of streaming it’s easy to feel as if you can’t start streaming until you’ve saved hundreds of dollars to buy expensive equipment. However, that is not the case. What I have planned to do and have found that others suggest is to update your stream setup as time goes on. For instance, there is no need for me to own the best streaming camera available as I simply can not afford that. I started off with my internal laptop’s camera and then worked my way up to an external camera I bought off amazon once I started streaming more.

Full time streamers often also only update their setups as time goes on, or as sponsorships come along. When the time comes along to update your streaming setup, you’ll known. But please do not feel pressured to spend hundreds of dollars on streaming as it is not necessary in the slightest.

I hope that this information was helpful to you all and I will include some of the products I have purchased through my times of streaming.

I eventually want to update from my laptop to a PC but I want to custom build that. I hope that this post was reassuring and informational for everyone! Please just remember to have fun.

Happy streaming everyone!

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  • Billie Jo Parker

    I feel that a lot of people think you have to have top-notch technology to stream, but in reality, you don’t. I think this is a great post because it breaks that common idea many people have that want to get into streaming.

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