Hey everyone! Today we will be talking about promotion. Promoting your stream is probably one of the scariest steps and most crucial steps. The best way to get your twitch account noticed is to promote it on Instagram, twitter, and what every other platforms you use. This can be intimidating to newer streamers because maybe you don’t want some people in your life to find your stream. However, promoting your account will make a difference.

I’ve noticed the days that I mention me streaming are the days that I get more viewers and more followers. This could be because my friends want to support me, or maybe just some people want to just check it out. Either way, I highly suggest trying it out.

The best way to promote your stream is to alerting followers on all platforms when you’re going to stream. You can do this by posting a picture of your streaming setup, yourself, or your twitch page. It’s easier to get people to come check out your page if you have a link attached as well, so make sure to embed the link in with every post.

I hope this tip is helpful to everyone and happy streaming!

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  • Patrick Cesarone

    I totally agree, such a critical part of expanding your communtiy. Personally, I have gotten the most out of twitter as far as finding new content creators/streamers. Tiktok also supringly makes it fairly easy too.

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