TIP 9: Streaming Buddy

Hello everyone,

For todays tips we will be talking about the importance of gaming buddies. In the streaming world and video games alike, it’s often more fun to play with friends then it is to play alone. Making friends with other streamers can help elevate your game play and limit any awkward silences.

Gaming with someone else can also make the viewers feel as if they’re playing with their friends two. This is an excellent way to up your user interactivity and keep your game plays more interesting. Making friends with other streamers also opens doors to being more exposed to other viewers.

I know that I have found some of my favorite streamers from their videos and streams with others users. Plus, why wouldn’t you want to make friends? I hope this tip was helpful.

Happy streaming Everyone!


  • Billie Jo Parker

    I totally agree with you that it is important to have a streaming buddy or friend. As someone who watches streams, I feel when a streamer is playing a game with another person(s), it make the stream more interactive and interesting. I am not saying a streamer playing by themself isn’t interesting, but I feel playing with others brings more benefits. Also by playing with others can help build a larger streaming community too.

  • Patrick Cesarone

    It is defintely better to play with people you are comfortable with. Having a group to play with, especailly when you’re streaming can really liven the mood and get a good dynamic going versus you maybe just commenting on your own gameplay which may not feel as natural at all times.

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