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Today I’ll be telling you guys about tip 5. Numerous streamers have attributed this tip to their success in turning streaming into their career. The best way to gain a following is to be a consistent streamer. A lot of first time streamers start out thinking the best way to gain a following is to stream for hours at a time. I will often stumble upon new streamers that stream for 5+ hours and are upset that there are few viewers.

Most people do not want to watch long streams because they have other things going on in their own lives too. Viewers may have school, jobs, or family commitments that prevent them from watching such long streams. However, viewers will dedicate an hour every Friday to watch a stream if they decide they like a streamer. Streaming for three hours at a time every Friday has been better for bringing in viewers than five-hour-long streams that happen sporadically.

Now it may seem hard to dedicate this time consistently, but once you make time for it it is easier to follow through with it. I’ll admit this is my biggest problem that I run into. I have been struggling with my health so sometimes it’s hard to consistently stream, however, when I do consistently stream my viewers go up.

Overall, consistency can play a huge part in retaining viewers, but there are some big streamers that still struggle to make and keep a schedule. As long as you are active and try your best to set aside the time you retain followers! Good luck everyone and happy streaming!


  • Billie Jo Parker

    I have definitely witnessed streamers who stream for quite a few hours and not gain any viewers. You are right about how it is hard to be able to watch a stream for that amount of time. A couple of successful streamers I watch have a very consistent schedule and barely go off from it. For example, one will stream once at the beginning of the week and once or twice on the weekend and each stream is around 2 hours max. A lot of times more may seem better but in the case of streaming, it isn’t.

  • Patrick Cesarone

    The stream consistency is definitely one of the more important but less talked about features that determines if/when i watch. I have streamers I watch that I know are on at certain times, and if they are not on at those times, I sometimes find it hard to catch up when they are off schedule as I may be busy then. Looking forward to your next stream whenever you’re feeling up to it!

  • Jeff W

    Consistency is key to many things, including streaming. Setting up a consistent schedule will help you retain recurring viewers and may even help you gain new viewers. A lot of the streamers I follow have a set schedule or something resembling that. Most of their streams get consistent viewership, too. So, I think it’s a great bit of advice to give.

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