Tip 3: Find Streams You Enjoy


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Streaming is fun to do and fun to watch! You not only get to practice your skills when your playing games but also by watching streams. When you watch other people stream, you get a sense of how they carry on their stream which can help you decide what you like and dislike. Some streamers aren’t as conversational which makes it hard for them to grow a following. When streamers talk with their viewers they make connections with them and make the viewers want to stay. However, sometimes it’s hard to find where to start a conversation, so watching how other people converse with their audience is a great way to learn.

Watching other people stream also helps you expose yourself to other games, communities, and even streaming layouts. If you find yourself wanting to change the format of your stream layout, then you might gain inspiration from seeing someone else’s layout! Or maybe you realize that you share an interest with a streamer’s community that you didn’t realize was popular. Streaming and watching streamers all have the same 3 aspects.

  1. communication
  2. connections
  3. fun

Communication is important because it draws people into your stream and it draws you to other streamers. Communication also works as a bridge to connections! Watching streamers can also help you make more friends in the community and maybe even finding you a new duo partner! Lastly, streaming is about having fun. If you’re streaming then it should be because you enjoy it and you enjoy talking to others about it! So by using all 3 aspects, you can communicate with like-minded individuals, build friendships, and have fun doing what you love.

Not sure where to start when it comes to finding a stream to watch? Look at the explore page and look for people in the categories you enjoy! I personally recommend Julien, fuslie, loserfruit, crayator, and joda_games!


  • Makai

    I don’t watch Twitch/livestreaming content all that often, mainly because it’s hard to fit livestream watching into my schedule. There are a few creators I enjoy, though. TheSushiDragon (https://www.twitch.tv/thesushidragon) is probably one of my favorites, because of how unique his content is. His content revolves around the use of live remote camerawork and greenscreen effects, all done on the fly. It’s basically live video editing – super cool to watch.

  • Billie Jo Parker

    It is always nice to be able to go on twitch and watch streams on my free time. I definitely agree with you that communication is very important in drawing viewers in. At times I will explore random streams and I have actually have made connections with streamers and became friends with some. I think that twitch is such a great plateform for making connections with other streamers and viewers.

    • Hannah Broome

      That’s great to hear! I love making connections too and I’m currently trying to do more watching than streaming.

  • Joseph Doll

    Nice post! I have never actually watched someone on twitch, but I used to watch a handful of gamer channels on Youtube, and sometimes they would stream content there. Do you encourage streamers to have youtube channels as well, or is twitch alone enough/more important?

    • Hannah Broome

      Great question! I think it really depends on how serious the individual is. I am going to grad school next fall so streaming will always be more of a hobby that if I grow a following with I’ll be so lucky but still keep it as a hobby. However, if someone is trying to make this a career then I do believe that youtube is important. There’s just a lot more work that goes into the youtube side as well since you’re editing all streaming content or making other content that isn’t streamed and picking the best from it.

  • Jeff W

    Usually, I like to listen to livestreams when I’m going through homework, video games, or other personal projects. Most of the streamers/podcasters I listen to are known to have edgy and raunchy content. However, that’s mainly because I love to laugh and such.

  • Patrick Cesarone

    Hey Hannah! The communcation and banter on stream is absolutely the best part and has the most to learn from watching other streamers. There are so many great communities. I find some of the best streamers have really great banter with the people they play with, someone like Courage JD is a good example. Checked for your stream but could not find it last week, looking forward to the next one

    • Hannah Broome

      Hi, Yes I was in the hospital last weekend so that was why my stream was not up! As long as I am feeling better on Friday it will be back up and running! I love Courage JD as well. He is so entertaining and so is the chat community.

  • Tyler Wojcik

    I am still getting into watching streams. I used to watch a lot of Youtube and would occasionally watch Twitch. I enjoy watching live content but it sucks if I’m busy when a stream is on. I like the aspect of building a community and talking in chat. I don’t know if I will ever personally stream but I definitely love to support the content. Do you ever find it hard to talk to the camera, or is it easy because you know there’s someone there?

    • Hannah Broome

      It definitely is hard to talk to the camera and sometimes I struggle with it a lot. Luckily, my friends tune in to my streams so I almost always have someone I know to talk to while streaming which is super helpful. If I don’t have someone I know then I usually just tell stories and that helps fill silence!

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