2021 Fashion Trend Predictions

My 2021 Fashion Trend Predictions

It’s obvious that fashion trends change every year, and sometimes multiple times a year. With my knowledge on fashion trends from previous years and how they rotate, I’m sharing with you what I’m predicting to become trendy this year.

Flare Pants

When YouTube creator Emma Chamberlain posted a tweet stating that she wanted flare yoga pants/leggings to come back in style, that’s exactly what happened. Stores started selling out of yoga pants for the first time since they were popular back in the 2010s. Although flare yoga pants are going to be a 2021 fashion trend, I believe that flare pants in general are going to come back. I remember being in elementary and middle school and wearing flare jeans, and it’s interesting to see trends run a full course circle and come back. We have already seen flare pants/jeans in store in the early months of 2021, and I predict this trend to last the whole year.

Knee High Boots

In the later months of 2020, I noticed tall/knee high boots come into stock at multiple stores. I remember in 2017/2018 that over the knee boots were in trend, but since then they have gone out. The new tall boot trend of 2021 will be go-go style white boots, black, and brown leather style boots that are all looser at the top. These I predict to be paired with dresses, skirts, tights, etc.


After the 2021 Inauguration, I noticed many people raving about the fashion that we witnessed there. More specifically, I think people loved the coats. I predict long blazers/pea coats to become a 2021 fashion trend in these earlier cold months. The look of a long expensive looking coat is appealing to most because it makes you look put together and professional.


One word: monochrome. It’s only been about 2 months into the year 2021 and the amount of monochrome I have already seen is insane. I think 2021 will be the year of exploring new patterns and bright colors. With exploring this, those colors and patterns can be paired up with each other if they are the same shade (or not) to create a fun monochrome outfit.

Patterned Tights

Patterned tights have always been something I personally love and enjoy wearing to spice up a boring outfit. I have recently seen many people wear these Gucci patterned tights as well as polka dot, floral, heart, etc. patterned tights. In these cold months of the year I believe patterned tights will be in trend.


  • Kelsey Jaeger

    This was a very interesting article! I don’t keep up on fashion very much but, when scrolling through Instagram I will keep an eye out for these. I definitely think Emma Chamberlain is a very trendy person and I love the posts she makes about her outfits.

  • Alyssa Samson

    I absolutly love your fashtion predictions for 2021. I really love to thrift and try to get ahead on different fashion trends today. I recently got some flare yoga pants from Urban Outfitters that are really cute! Knee high boots are something I have always wanted to try but feel like I would be a little judged wearing them in Whitewater. I really liked how you incorperated pictures within your post. The visuals made the article very interesting and broke it up in a way that was easy to read.

  • Carol Lima

    I absolutely love this page! I agree with all your predictions, and I’m glad you are taking a budget into consideration because I love fashion, but some of the prices are just not for me.

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