OOTW 4/26/21 – 4/30/21

This week was a pretty laid back week. Again, it was warmer out because it’s nearing the end of the year. It’s finals season, so when picking out outfits I focus on comfort over most things. This post is the last OOTW of the semester, sad but exciting 🙁 Enjoy the last OOTW!!

This day I went on a picnic and went hammocking so I wanted to look cute yet comfortable. The tank top is from Forever 21 and the midi skirt is recently thrifted. It was a little too chilly to wear just the tank top so I wore a cropped denim jacket on top when it got too cold. I also paired this outfit with some white platform sneakers.
On this day it was extremely hot out, but I had to stay inside due to a lot of homework. I wanted to wear something I would be comfortable in and wouldn’t sweat. The top is from Adika and the black flowy shorts are from Shein.
This day I had a few errands to run and it was nice out but still a little breezy. I wore this halter top from Express. The white top and shorts are both thrifted. I then paired this outfit with white sneakers yet again.
This day was high 60s almost 70s so I wore something cute but airy so I wouldn’t get too hot. The top is from Shein and the shorts were thrifted pants that I cut into shorts. I paired this outfit with white sneakers.
This day is a relax/self care day. I went shopping with a friend and decided I wanted to look semi-cute since we were going somewhere a lot of people would see me. I wore this red romper that I got a few years back from Gordman’s, which I’m pretty sure is a store that is no longer in business 🙁 I paired this romper with some black sandals.


  • Kelsey Jaeger

    I loved Gordmans!! So sad a lot of them are closed now but, I think a few of them are open yet. I could be wrong. I loved your outfit on Wednesday! Super cute! I’m going to have to look in my closet to see if I have anything similar.

  • Alyssa Samson

    I love looking at your OOTD’s. They are actually really fun to read and go through. I really love the long skirt. I think that style is so cute and I can’t wait until it starts becoming more present in fashion in the mid-west.

  • Allison Sheline

    I love Wednesday and Thursday’s looks! They’re super cute! I am so excited to wear my summer clothes.

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