My Jewelry Collection

On a lot of my OOTW posts I never include the jewelry that I pair with it. Over time I have accumulated quite the collection of jewelry and I wanted to share the pieces that I own with you! For a disclaimer, I own a lot from Shein that I have purchased in the past, but I am recently trying to not support that brand anymore and thrift jewelry or support small businesses instead and would encourage anyone who is able to do the same!

Brands left to right: Shein, Thrifted, Alex and Ani, Target
Brands/where I got them left to right: Forever 21, Amazon, Forever 21, Shein, New York gift shop, Etsy, Thrifted, Shein, Francesca’s, Shein, Dry Goods, Shein, Gifted, Forever 21
Where I got them: Shein, Earthbound Trading Company, Etsy, Target, Dry Goods, Gifted, Maurices, Shopko, Aeropostale


  • Hannah Scorsone

    I really like the jewelery you have found in various places. You did a really good job at placement for showing the jewelery on here!

  • samsonar20

    I really liked all of your jewelry collection. I am a huge fan of thrifting most of mine so it is really cool to see someone elses!

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