Some of my Favorite Pieces

There are many pieces that I have shown you throughout my blog but in this post I wanted to include some of the pieces in my closet that I love, but sometimes don’t wear very often. I feel like we all have those items in out closet that we never wear even though we love them so much in fear of ruining them or because we can never find an occasion to wear them to. Here are some of those items.

This first piece is a denim jacket that was gifted to me this past Christmas. It is hand painted on the back by the person who gifted it to me. It’s one of my favorite pieces because you can see the amount of talent and hard work that went into it just for me. It’s really special to me. I have never worn it because I am so scared of ruining it.
This dress I bought during the summer when there were no events happening due to covid. It is a really nicely made dress that I found at Dry Goods for $12 when it originally was over $50. I bought it to wear to a formal event but am still waiting for one of those to happen. This is my “nice event” dress that I can’t wait to finally wear.
I thrifted these vintage shorts a few years back and they are my favorite shorts ever. They fit so well and are very nicely made. I can’t find shorts anywhere that fit me in the waist as well as these do.
This sweater was bought this summer from Garage. It is a thin black sweater that is open and has a little tie in the front. I find myself pairing this with a lot when I want to cover my arms or just be a little warmer.
I have worn this dress once in my life but it has got to be one of my favorite dresses that I have ever owned. I wore it to a sorority formal and it fits me so well and I got a lot of compliments on it. I believe I bought it from an online store called VICI Dolls, but I have seen this style on other websites since.


  • samsonar20

    I absolutly love the jean jacket! I think it’s a little funny becuase last Christmas I painted a jean jacket with an Amber Lucid Cover on the back for a friend. It is a really cool idea to add a unique spin on an otherwise plain jacket.

  • Hannah Scorsone

    I love the jacket that was made for you, definitely a lot of talent there. I also am obsessed with the first dress that you posted, I wish there was a formal event that you could wear it to!

  • Allison Sheline

    All of these clothes are so cute!! The jacket is beautifully painted. I hope you find an event to wear that pink dress to soon because it is stunning.

  • Sabrina Hiton

    Wow these are all super cute! I love that the jean jacket is hand painted by someone you know, it makes that jacket much more special and I can see why you are scared to wear it! I also love the last dress, it is so unique and beautiful, I want to check out that website.

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